The World’s Most Popular Wedding Destinations

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Ask the couples, those who are about to get married, and most will agree that the wedding destination and venue are very important considerations. Luckily, we have a lot to choose from – select from a picturesque beach, tropical island paradise, romantic city, a historic mansion, to even castles, museums, and gardens.

Here are some of the most popular wedding destinations from around the world.

Cinigiano, Italy

Castello di Vicarello, Cinigliano, Italy.

Located in the beautiful region of Tuscany, between Rome and Florence, Cinigiano offers a great landscape and mountains as a backdrop. The place has a historical charm of its own. If you are planning a traditional ceremony, the stone structures and the rustic ambience will be a perfect accompaniment.

Paris, France

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Talking about romance and togetherness? You cannot leave out Paris. The “City of Love”, Paris is a top choice for many couples. There are many wedding venues throughout the city. It’s a perfect choice if you are someone fond of art and fashion. Don’t forget the attractions in the city, that adds to the charm.


Nissi Beach. Photo by Datingscout on Unsplash

Planning a wedding on a Mediterranean island. Choose Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, passion, and beauty. The third biggest island on the Mediterranean, Cyprus is also extremely beautiful.

There are hills, forests, a craggy shoreline, many Blue Flag beaches, beautiful towns and cities, chapels, castles, medieval villages, and ancient historic sites. Plan a villa wedding in Cyprus. There are many private luxury villas for rent in Cyprus.

Fiji Islands

Photo by Gary Runn on Unsplash

There are so many great places in Fiji for a wedding. Choose from the Denarau Islands, Nadi, Mamanuca, or the Coral Coast. Denarau has private suites and luxury villas that can accommodate you and your guests.

Walk down the aisle along the southern shores of Viti Levu. Explore the palm tree-lined beaches, hand in hand, with a beautiful coral reef right in front of you.

The Caribbean

Turks & Caicos. Photo by Gray Matter on Unsplash

The sun, sea, sand, and jaw-dropping landscapes. The Caribbean also offers many luxurious venues and plenty of activities to keep the wedding guests busy.

Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Cayman Islands, and Barbados will all be very nice choices.

Palm Springs, USA

Photo by Don Stouder on Unsplash

If you are thinking of a wedding in the desert, head to Palm Springs in the USA. It is located in the deserts of Southern California. This is particularly popular with the Hollywood crowd.

Palm Springs is a great destination, no matter what the wedding season. There is sunlight throughout the year and very little rain. There is the house of Frank Sinatra if you want a venue with a history. Most of the A-listers head there, sip Martini, and party in the piano-shaped pool later.

Napa & Sonoma, California

Photo by Fantesca Estate & Winery on Unsplash

Get married in the Wine Country. Famous for gorgeous scenery and wild vines, it is also a wedding mecca. Sonoma County offers beautiful vistas and more venues than the Napa side. Calistoga Ranch is a top favourite. Enjoy the vineyards, caves, mountains, lakes, and fabulous foods to name a few.

Find traditional wedding venues with lip-smacking food and wine. Most Inns have an attached spa, where you can head before the wedding. Get rid of the aches and pains, and feel free to enjoy the serenity.

Sri Lanka

Photo by Tomáš Malík on Unsplash

It is quite a hop away, but Sri Lanka is beautiful, and cheap too. Pristine beaches, wildlife, and beautiful gardens make Sri Lanka a beautiful place. Colombo and Kandy offer affordable stay options.

After the wedding, you can even plan your honeymoon in beautiful Maldives, which is very close. Stay in an over-water villa.

The UK

Photo by Eva Dang on Unsplash

The UK too has many stunning destinations. There are old castles, historic houses, beautiful gardens, sea-front venues, Roman baths, and even an old lighthouse. You can even get married at the Natural History Museum of London. You will have exclusive access to the upper galleries and the Central Hall.


Photo by Cristian Guerrero on Unsplash

Tropical beaches and hours of sunshine – welcome to the islands of Hawaii. Many wedding venues and resorts here offer all-inclusive packages. Choose from oceanfront ceremonies to a buffet under the stars.

There is so much to do for the guests – visiting the nature preserves, wilderness parks, seeing the volcanoes, canyons, waterfalls, trying Hawaii’s Kona Coffee, driving on the dramatic Hana Road, helicopter tours, sailing and diving tours, and of course appreciating the island’s Polynesian culture.

Appendix: Insurance and Covid Testing

Travel Insurance

Travellers are also advised to have travel insurance when going on a trip. A responsible traveller will make sure that he can cover any expenses that can happen before or during the trip. Be it that you want a single trip coverage or that you are living in Cyprus and you need an expat health insurance. Especially during a time of crisis, like the current epidemic, the ability to cover your medical expenses and needs is of utmost importance. 

Travel insurance can be a great way to mitigate any accidents, be it natural disasters, different family obligations, accidents before and during the trip. The travelling situation can change in days and having coverage or trip cancellation, delays or lost baggage is in many ways beneficial. Often enough luggage or your personal belongings can get lost or stolen, so to be safe and to have the money ready for the basics is a good thing to have when in another country. Different programs will cover different things, but always try to choose a program that will cover your existing medical conditions as well as any extra activities that you may participate in during the trip. 

This can come in handy if you get a positive COVID-19 test before your trip. Good travel insurance will cover the accommodation and travel expenses. This will also include medical reparations and quarantine costs, so if you plan on travelling, this should be a must-have, even if you get vaccinated. Advise and talk to your insurer to get the best insurance option for you. Of course, a good policy will include any emergency medical interventions that you may face far away from home. 

Testing Formalities for Visiting Cyprus

Those arriving with the wrong test will be fined 300 Euros at the airport. They will also be sent back promptly. The health ministry has confirmed that the country is opening up and inviting tourists, but only after taking all necessary precautions.

The health ministry also confirmed that all test certificates need to include the full name, date when the sample was taken, and a confirmed negative result. The type of testing (RT-PCR Covid-19) must also be clearly mentioned in the report.

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