Top Travel Websites That Every Good Traveller Should Now

Top travel websites that every good traveller should now
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For avid travellers with an entrepreneurial spirit, exploring new destinations doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Discovering the top travel websites can be a game-changer, providing valuable insights, deals, and money-making opportunities to grow your online savings! These websites open doors to various income streams, from sharing your travel experiences through blogs and vlogs to monetizing your travel photography. As you embark on your adventures, harness the power of these travel platforms to enrich your travel experiences and make money while doing what you love most – exploring the world!

What websites and resources do you normally use when before and during your trip? The available resources are continuously growing, so what are the choices? 

Best Travel Websites/Apps

This is our selection of websites for travellers, grouped by categories:

Accommodation / Hotels

Flights / Airports



  • Digital mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers global, pre-paid mobile data connectivity for international travelers.

Rent A Car / Airport Transfers


  • Quandoo Find and book your table at the best restaurants worldwide


  • 435 million+ unbiased traveller reviews (you can now book tours and hotels as well!)


  • Find and book the best tours everywhere
  • GetYourGuide: Book tickets for top attractions around the World
  • Klook: Discover and book experiences in Asia
  • Tiqets: Tickets to culture and entertainment from your smartphone. No printing, no waiting.
  • Day and short tours
  • Search, compare and book tours
  • Good deals and packages on quality holidays and luxury trips

Trains Best budget travel service for Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, China, Laos and more.

Trip Planner / Itinerary


Multiple resources per travel phase or stage

Most people use multiple resources during the different phases of the trip, as there is no single travel app or website that gives you everything. Or maybe there are some, but there is no clear winner, or they are not good enough in all aspects of a trip.

Let’s divide the trip into a few phases:


This is where we start looking for options, mostly destinations, dates, companions, and sometimes reviews as well. Advanced travellers may look for weather forecasts and more.

Blogs are an important part of this stage, as we want to see pictures, read recommendations and evaluate options. If we travel with more people, we sometimes want to share part of the research. And there is no clear winner here.

Have you found yourself taking and sending a screenshot with a flight or a hotel? I don’t think there are enough tools to provide all this at the moment. Everybody knows the importance of social networks, but the key players in the industry do not seem to provide the right tools. seems to be leading the reviews World still, but Google is approaching super fast.


This is a key phase and there are plenty of players trying to win. The meta-search business is turning into sales, so websites that are only used to search and redirect are now merchants.

There seems to be a high percentage of travellers that start looking for flights when they don’t know where and when. Websites such as and now let you search without a date and a destination, so guiding you in this phase quite well. Google is also becoming a big player here, and we all know that when it comes to searching nobody will have the courage to confront them. is still the leader in hotels, with the largest inventory in the World. Many people use other resources to buy such as, but when it comes to searching Booking seems to be the reference site.


And at some point, we need to make decisions, and the worst part: we need to pay.

But even this phase can be complex for some people. Some websites offer the possibility to pay in multiple currencies from multiple locations, and advanced travellers see a possibility here. This is now a technique called Resident Fares.

Online or mobile banking can also be important here, as they offer accounts in multiple currencies, good rates and minimum or zero commissions or fees. In our post “Best Free Cards for Travel” we detailed some of these benefits.


Travel time! Now the resources that are normally used are different.

Travel cards are essential here. Everyday cards (from standard banks) have a lot of hidden charges, such as foreign transaction fees (“non-sterling”, if your account is from the UK), cash withdrawal fees and interest charges even if you pay them off in full your credit card bill. Moreover, banks and credit cards normally give you very bad exchange rates. In our post “Best Free Cards for Travel” we listed some of the best ones.

Reviews, blogs and especially maps are important in this phase. Our Best Travel Apps post shows the most useful apps while you are travelling.

Additional travel tips and recommendations

  • I strongly recommend Skyscanner for searching for both cars and flights. I always find the best prices for both.
  • We also recommend Quidco, which gives you cash back when you buy from most of the travel vendors above. This referral link gives you £5 already.
  • For a selection of mobile applications, visit our Best Travel Apps post.

NOTE: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

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