10 Best Travel Tips for a Smoother Trip

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Travel involves many major decisions, such as choosing the country that you have to visit, the money that you have to spend, as well as making safe flight bookings and safe hotel bookings.

Besides these, there are some things that will make your trip smoother, less stressful, and easier for you. Given below are the ten best tips for a smoother journey for your upcoming vacation.

1. Parking the car

All of us are rushing to get the best spot in the parking lot, and in doing so, you may leave the lights of the interior on. Most of travelers have dead batteries at the airport as compared to other situations.

If you come back and see that you have a dead battery or the window is broken due to any reason, then it will be convenient for you if your car is parked with the nose out. You can get to the battery or hook or tow it up easily.

2. Have time for getting to the economy lots

With the expansion of airports, they require more spaces to park. These spaces can be found in the lots, off the airport area. These parking lots are available at a lower cost as compared to other lots.

These places are great for travellers who have an economic mind, especially when you have to spend more days and pay a fee for all the days. These lots fill up later, so you might not have an option if you travel during the peak periods.

These lots regularly have monorails and buses running so you can park and get to the airport quickly.

3. Pack your essentials in the bag that you are carrying along

On average, almost one bag gets delayed or lost, according to a study. If you have something that you think you will not live without, keep it in the carry-on. It is essential for things that cannot be replaced easily.

You can get through the security checks at the airport faster by aiming sure that the carry-on is packed efficiently.

The key essentials you cannot forget are:

  • Passport / ID
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Cash (destination currency if possible)
  • Eyewear (prescription/sunglasses)

For the latter, we recommend visiting Diff, a charitable eyewear company that offers high-quality prescription glasses.

4. Know the information about your hotel

Suppose the bag is delayed or lost, or you have missed the connection and will check in late, or you are visiting a place for the first time.

In that case, you have to make sure that the hotels are booked correctly, and you have all the information that is needed including the contact information of the hotel.

Before leaving the house, print all the essential hotel information such as the name, phone number, and address. It is also a great idea to print the map of the neighbourhood where the hotel is located so that you can show the driver or use it yourself.

5. Take your old currency along

It is a hassle to exchange the foreign currency after returning, mainly because we do not spend time at the bank nowadays. As a traveller, you may have foreign currency lying with you.

If you keep travelling abroad or have cash lying at home, you can take it along on the next trip when you have to cross the international borders.

Then you can exchange your money with the local currency from other countries whenever you want.

6. Save the boarding pass

Do not toss the boarding pass when you get off the plane. You can use the boarding pass as your proof to show the airline if they are not giving you the frequent flier miles.

You may not get them if you travel on the codeshare partner of an airline. You can also use it for tax as a receipt.

7. Know using and skipping the skycaps

If you are getting late, skycaps will let you get on the plane you would have missed. There may be no guarantee that the bags will make it to the aircraft if it is tight. But skycaps can be great for you in many situations.

The trick is to walk in and see on both sides of the terminal and see if the line is long as well as the time that you have. If you have time and the line is not long, then go to check-in.

If there is less time and the time is less too, then walk to the skycap and tip them, and they will move you to the gate.

The skycap will also help you get a good seat arrangement and move you to it more quickly when the line is long at the check-in.

8. Get the assignment of the seat as soon as you can

If you keep on waiting in the long line, then every minute that will pass by will take a window or aisle seat along as good seats will be given to other people.

The best way is to check in online that you can do almost 24 hours prior to the flight. Know that not all airlines, classes, or flights allow you to check-in in advance.

9. Put an easily recognizable item on your bags

Almost all of us are getting the bags to form the same place, and they look nearly the same. No one gets the steamer trunks with flower patterns on them anymore. As a result, all you have is a baggage carousel having identical bags on it.

It is always great to mark the bag with a colourful ribbon or make a unique pattern on it, or you can even stick a sticker on the bag.

This will save the passengers from pulling the bags off the baggage carousel to check it for their name. You can see the bags coming from a distance and identify them as being yours.

10. Know the flight number

This is not a brainer, but it is important to know the flight number. It will make the trip easier on foreign or small airports if there are no lists of the destination airports’ names or they are just putting the flight number.

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