Tram 28, the most famous tour in Lisbon. Tips, route and stops

Lisbon's Tram 28
Lisbon’s Tram 28

Tips summary:

  1. Buy a 24 hs pass in any metro station, which cost €6.15 (plus €0.50 for the card) and includes metro, tram and bus services. Tickets are more expensive on board.
  2. For a full ride, take the tram on the first stop: Martin Moniz or Prazeres.
  3. There is always a long queue, but people queue for a seat. To avoid it, go very early or late, or just go standing (skip the line and get in)
  4. We recommend the ride from Martin Moniz to Prazeres (upward), and the double seats on the left, so you face the river.

Tram 28 is probably the most famous tour in Lisbon. It is a vintage yellow tram that crosses the city centre, passing by many of Lisbon’s main attractions. So a single ride on it has all the benefits of a sightseeing bus tour, and it is much cheaper.


Tickets can be purchased onboard or in advance from any metro station or kiosks located throughout the city. You can buy a card (€0.50) and load it with season tickets or you can just top up as you go. The former option costs €2.90 for a single ticket, which is more expensive than buying it in advance.

So the best option is to buy a daily pass for €6.15, which covers unlimited metro, tram and bus. This ticket is valid for 24 hours, so the time is also a variable to consider.

For more information, including timetables and to purchase tickets online, visit Metro Lisboa official website.


The tram joins Martim Moniz and Campo Ourique (Prazeres) stations. The former is also a metro station, so it is easy to get there. Bear in mind that if you end your journey at Prazeres, you will need to get back by bus or by the same tram (in the opposite direction).

We recommend a single journey from Martim Moniz to Prazeres (upward). You will get the best views if you seat on the double seats on the left, mainly because they face the Tagus River’s coast.

There is always a long queue at Martin Moniz, and it can take at least an hour, but probably more. However; people queue for a seat, so if you are willing to go standing you can just skip the line and get in. We recommend being patient and wait for a seat, so you can enjoy the ride and have the best views.

A very good and smart option would be to go early in the morning (the first train departs at 5:40 on weekdays, 5:45 on Saturdays and 6:45 on Sundays) or late in the evening (the last train departs at 21:15 on weekdays and 22:30 on weekends).

Best Stops

Below you can find the full list of stops. The best ones are highlighted, with an additional comment describing what you can see, so pay attention to those.

  1. Martim Moniz
  2. Palma (Metro)
  3. Igreja Anjos
  4. Maria Andrade
  5. Maria Fonte
  6. Angelina Vidal
  7. Sapadores
  8. R. Graça
  9. Graça => Graca Church/ Miradoura Da Graca
  10. Voz Operário
  11. Cç. S. Vicente
  12. Escolas Gerais
  13. Lg. Portas Sol => Alfama District, best viewpoint! 
  14. Miradouro Sta. Luzia
  15. Limoeiro
  16. Sé => Santo António Church/ Castelo de São Jorge
  17. Conceição
  18. Lg. Academia Nacional Belas Artes
  19. R. Vitor Cordon / R. Serpa Pinto
  20. Chiado (Metro) => Lisbon’s arts quarter, adjacent to the nightlife spot of the Bairro Alto
  21. Pç. Luis Camões (Metro)
  22. Calhariz (Bica)
  23. Catarina
  24. Cç. Combro
  25. Poiais S. Bento
  26. S. Bento / Cç. Estrela
  27. Cç. Estrela / R. Borges Carneiro
  28. Cç. Estrela / R. Dr. Teófilo Braga
  29. Estrela (Basílica) => Estrela Park
  30. Estrela – R. Domingos Sequeira
  31. Domingos Sequeira
  32. Saraiva Carvalho
  33. Igreja Sto. Condestável
  34. Campo Ourique (Prazeres) => Indoor and outdoor market, Cemetery of Pleasures

For a complete timetable and more information, you can visit the official Portuguese site

Travel tips and recommendations

  • We also recommend Visiting Sintra, Castelo dos Mouros and Pena Palace, another amazing attraction minutes away from Lisbon.
  • Very important advice if you are driving: read carefully how to use electronic toll roads, as you will probably get fined otherwise.
  • We stayed at Hotel Ibis Saldanha and it worked very well for us. It is a modest hotel with a great breakfast and good value for money. 5 minutes from Saldanha metro station.
  • Last but not least, if you are in Lisbon and have some extra time, I would strongly recommend visiting Porto. It is only 3 hours away by train or car, and it is an incredible city. Once in Porto, do not miss the beautiful Douro Valley, the land of wine, sun and great landscapes.

Appendix: The Best books about travelling to Portugal

If you are keen on reading about your destinations this list is a good start.

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