Best affordable red wines from Argentina

In our “Best value Malbec wines from Argentina“, we presented some of the best value wines of the country, Malbec in particular. But we focused on the low price range.

In this post, we want to recommend a set of wines of higher quality and price, ranging from USD 20 to USD 35.

Almanegra – Blend

Almanegra Tinto – (source:

We tried this wine during our last trip and it was our favourite. Full-bodied, strong and delicious. Another successful collection by Ernesto Catena.

Tasting notes: A full body wine and an elegant structure with an aftertaste of smooth red pepper.

Region: Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina

El Enemigo – Cabernet Franc

El Enemigo (source:

A great choice if you are looking for the trendy Cabernet Franc. This is one is actually 92% Cabernet Franc and 8% Malbec, but delicious with no doubt.

Tasting notes: The grapes are sourced from Gualtallary, limestone soils, round rocks and extreme high altitude – ideal for making a wine of elegance and age-ability. The gentleness of this wood brings out the true character of cool climate cabernet franc.

Region: Tupungato, Mendoza, Argentina

Particular – Malbec

Particular (source:

A great creation by Bianchi, one of the most popular wineries in the country. Fruity and full of flavour.

Tasting notes: Malbec with great intensity in colour, with a deep purple tone, elegant and sensual. This Malbec reveals a deep red colour with incredible purple tones, very intense and lively.

In the nose, it is perceived as a real basket full of fruits, such as black fruits, ripe plums and certain hints of spicy notes perfectly blended with black chocolate, vanilla and smoked reminiscences obtained from the oak contact which contributes to its complexity and that together with its freshness result in an exceptional example of Malbec wine.

Initially sweet in the mouth with gentle but persistent tannins, essential to continue its maturity process in the bottle, with a great structure and volume in the mouth, full-bodied, elegant, with a balanced acidity that makes it persistent and harmonic.

Region: San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina

Rutini – Malbec

Tasteful, aromatic and complex, this is a classic Argentinean wine. High quality and good value for money (on the expensive side). This winery is well known for having one of the finest and most expensive (~USD 250) wines in the country, Felipe Rutini.

Tasting notes: Very intense red with violet tinges. Red fruits (cherry, currant) and a touch of plum are alive in the nose in this very accomplished red. French oak imparts toasted notes, while the American barrel extends its classic vanilla. Full-bodied palate yet rened, thanks to its concentrated fruit character buttressed by a tannic structure characteristic of Cahors reds.

Food pairing: Grilled and roasted red meat, beef tenderloin with vegetables, roast lamb, meat pie and potatoes, wild rabbit Cacciatore (hunter style), chicken pie, beef empanadas.

Region: Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina

Zuccardi Q – Malbec

Another classic by another very popular winery in Argentina, Familia Zuccardi. Full-bodied but lighter than other Malbecs in this list. The right amount of fruit in taste and aroma.

Zuccardi was recently named the World’s Best Vineyard 2019 by a prestigious global voting academy comprising nearly 500 leading wine aficionados, sommeliers and luxury travel correspondents.

Tasting notes: The wine is deep, intense violet in colour, full-bodied, with aromas of dark plums, figs, blackberries and spicy notes. Very fresh, fruity and mineral nose with hints of red berries, liquorice and violets.

Region: Paraje Altamira, Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina

Numina Gran Corte – Blend

This one was a recommendation on our trip to Mar del Plata, and it was a good one. Bold, tannic and slightly on the dry side. With a soft spicy finish, it’s one of the best young wines we’ve tried on 2020.

Tasting notes: It displays a bright, intense and deep purplish-red colour. Its aroma is complex and elegant with notes of tobacco, cassis, blueberries, spices as well as notes of vanilla and caramel. In the mouth, it is a wide and intense wine with full body and tannic structure as well as a long and lingering finish.

Region: Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina

Luigi Bosca – Malbec

Bold and tannic red, soft oakiness and rich in flavour.

Tasting notes:  A bright violet-red wine. It has intense and balanced aromas, with rather red fruit, spicy and florals notes. It is generous, smooth and expressive in the mouth, with incipient tannins. Clean, refreshing and well-bodied in the palate, with attractive character. It has a deep and clear finish, with a fully-integrated oak character and good ageing capacity. It is the flagship wine of its variety.

Food pairing: Ideal to enjoy with grilled red meat, like skirt steak with mashed potatoes or rib eye with rosemary rustic potatoes.

Region: Paraje Altamira, Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina

Amici Miei – Blend

Amici Miei (source:

This is the newest wine on the list, a pure and natural option by Stella Crinita winery. It is biodynamic co-ferment of Barbera and Petit Verdot. Refreshing but powerful to the mouth. Tannic and round.

Region: Vista Flores, Mendoza, Argentina

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