Where to travel by car in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a small state on the shores of the Persian Gulf and has been attracting the attention of tourists for more than a decade. Luxurious fountains in the desert, diamond supermarkets, a seven-star hotel, and the tallest building in the world – all this is the UAE. In addition to this, there is the most comfortable rest, excellent shopping, and convenience of the resort throughout the year.

The UAE can boast hundreds of fantastic locations. If you are driving a private car, then make a list of places that you would like to visit so as not to waste this time on vacation. And what is more important, take care of your vehicle in advance. It is strongly recommended to use the option of car key replacement Dubai, it will be better to have a duplicate in case you lose your keys. Visit the car workshop and ask for car scanning and diagnostics and proceed with car body repair in case it will be required.

After all the preparations are done, let’s go!

Car routes for independent travel in the UAE: route No. 1 – to Oman

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

First, use the navigation app, go to the E11 highway, and head to the Dreamland water park: a huge green area that cannot but please the eye. During the day, the water park hosts about 10,000 vacationers, but you will not see a queue for the slides anywhere.

After visiting the water park, go back to the E11 highway and follow about 20 kilometres along the road – admire the beauty of nature. And here it is – Al-Jazeera Al-Hamre. The famous ghost town, the oldest abandoned city in the Persian Gulf. Walking through the streets of this place, you can feel the life of an Arab village.

It would be nice to visit Dhayah Fort. Climbing to the top of the hill, you can see the magnificent landscape around – mountains, a bay with lagoons, and a green oasis below. Few tourists dare to get here. And the road back to Dubai will take three hours because you left the hotel 175 km away. You need to go back along E11, almost without turning anywhere.

Car routes for independent travel in the UAE: route No. 2 – for 2 days in Al Ain

Day 1

Al Ain Fort

In Al Ain, ancient museums, archaeological excavations, and the best zoo in the UAE are located. Almost the entire territory of the city is green spaces, there are many fountains. Sheikh Zayed lived in this palace until 1966, and now there is a museum here, and admission is free. After visiting all the exhibits, you can go to the Oasis – a huge grove of date palms.

Then to the National Museum. It was built in 1970 and is divided into four thematic parts. The first part is ethnographic, the second exhibits archaeological finds discovered in the city, the third shows the stages of development of the region since the beginning of oil production, and the gifts of the fourth are presented to the President of the UAE from various kings, and presidents.

Next, visit the zoo. One of its advantages is that it is half-contact. You can pet and feed the animals.

Day 2

Jebel Hafeet

Drive to Jebel Al Hafeet and turn left. Then turn right at the first roundabout, and turn left at the next one. You find yourself in an oasis with thermal springs Mubazzarah. Here the hot water of the springs gushes into streams and forms lakes. There are male and female pools, and the water in them is very hot.

If you have come to rest not alone, but with your soulmate, then climbing to the top of Jebel Hafeet Mountain and watching the beautiful sunset is the best end of the day – an indescribable sight.

There is a cafe upstairs, the prices are slightly higher than in the city, but you will have to pay extra for the view. Moreover, in a cafe with a circular panorama, you can have dinner while admiring the sunset.

No matter which route you will choose, surely it will bring you plenty of unforgettable emotions!

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