Where to go for a beach holiday in Bulgaria

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Many tourists do not consider Bulgaria as a tourist destination all over the world. However, when temperatures get high and the summer comes, this country becomes the dream of every tourist!

Whether you are one of those who want to experience the bohemian life exploring hostels and lonely beaches, or you prefer to enjoy a luxurious life with massive parties in the evening, the Bulgarian seaside has some spots for your holidays in Bulgaria!

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach (source: balkanholidays.co.uk)

This place has been a typical choice for foreigners of all types in the last twenty years. There are hotels of all ranges for you to pick from. The place offers a great diversity of food options.

You can have a fancy gourmet dinner, but if you get hungry in the middle of the night, there are some places to head off, too! If you want to plan a family holiday, this cannot be a challenge there as it offers great kids’ centres to entertain your children while you are having some good time on your own during the day!

 What people go there for is the wild party! You can find beach clubs and bars of all types. Most of them work 24/7 and what better time than summer to break out of your shell and enjoy a crazy night with friends!


Sozopol (source: balkanholidays.co.uk)

This is one of the most extraordinary places by the seaside. Its outstanding beauty shows off and becomes a reason for many people to go there for a day trip! Many families with kids prefer Sozopol as a lovely destination for a walk in the Old town. It is a place that brings you further back in time with every single step ahead!

However, in the evening the town turns into a place suitable for people seeking crazy nightlife and wild experiences. You can find such a variety of clubs, bars, beach spots where you can dance, have a drink, meet new people, or just have some good time with friends.

The vibes of Sozopol are surely bohemian and people are so relaxed that no pressure in your life can find you there!


Bourgas (source: pinterest.com)

Bourgas is a place of diversity. It is a top destination for both young people, who want to vent off the heat of life, and families who would rather prefer to enjoy a holiday with their children and to take long walks around town.

The beaches there are clean and the sea is usually calm, which makes it a perfect spot for kids’ play! A day at the beach has never been such a relaxing moment for the whole family!

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a party animal, the chances are you will love Bourgas! Bars and clubs are located just an alley away from the beach! A bonus tip is to explore the craft beer places in the city. You shall find a few beer shops and a whole brewery, where you can enjoy fresh beer and a good barbeque mean, just a few bus stops away from the centre of the city!

 The Bulgarian seaside has always been a magnet for both local and foreign tourists in the summer. The diversity of activities places to have a meal or party make it the perfect fit for everybody.

No matter if you are looking for peace, daily walks along the coast and good sleep, or a wild nightlife experience, these cities can offer both types of holidays at a very fair price!

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