Where to find Estrella Galicia de Bodega in Barcelona

Cerveceria Estrella De Galicia
Cerveceria Estrella De Galicia

Galicia is well known all over Europe for its traditional cuisine, in particular octopus and seafood in general, including some dishes now served all over Spain such as zamburiñas, navajas and pimientos de padron.

And Galicia’s local beer, Estrella Galicia, has gained popularity all over Spain, even in areas where local beers have a strong presence, like Estrella Dawn in Barcelona or San Miguel in Madrid. I would that that it is, arguably, the best beer in Spain (at least from the list of mass produces ones).

What is “de Bodega”?

As explained on their official website, “the bodega beer Estrella Galicia is transported from our brewery to the selling point respecting the cold chain at all times, thus achieving an extraordinary flavour and character.

This beer reaches the selling point just after its production and without any pasteurization, being transported directly from our breweries at the time of serving. The absence of pasteurization requires its transportation to respect the cold chain at all times through a network specialized vehicles and staff. At the Estrella bars and pubs, their characteristic cold tanks keep the same cooling and carbon levels as the ones in the brewery. These particular characteristics confer to this beer specific sensory attributes, which make it such a different beer.”

In other words, the beer is as fresh as it can be, right out of the factory. Bar/restaurants selling this beer are easily identifiable by the copper-colored tanks and the logo sign on the draughts and glasses.


Find below the real useful information in this post, the places to find it!

Beer Specification

See the beer spec according the official website.

Beer specs

Recommended places

Some of our favourites places from the map above are the following:

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