Travelling between the UK and Argentina during COVID-19

Last Update: 12/01/2021Next scheduled EZE-LHR 02/02/2021

From the UK to Argentina

The ONLY available route remains via Paris by AirFrance, and only for Argentine nationals or residents (no tourist allowed). The required documents are:

  1. Negative PCR (72 hs before departure at most, see allowed tests here). See this post to find the best places to get it.
  2. Argentine immigration form (electronic ‘sworn statement’ or “Declaracion jurada”). To be completed here.
  3. French immigration form. To be completed here. Most people were not asked for this, including me when I flew of 26/12/2020.
  4. Argentine passport or visa.

ALL other countries with sensible stops have banned the UK, as follows:

  • Brasil. Flights from the UK suspended.
  • Germany. Flights from the UK suspended until January the 6th.
  • Italy. Flights from the UK suspended until January the 6th.
  • The Netherlands. Flights from the UK suspended until January the 1st.
  • Spain. Flights from the UK suspended until January the 31st, except for residents and nationals.
  • Switzerland. Flights from the UK suspended.
  • The United States. Flights from the UK suspended, except for residents and nationals.

Direct BA flights between Argentina and the UK are suspended –officially– until January the 31st, as stated here.

From Argentina to the UK

Latest news: Argentina extended the ban but only from/to the UK until January the 31st. Flights have been cancelled.

Restrictions above are based on countries that have suspended flights from the UK. Return flights are allowed, and there are no restrictions to fly from Argentina and to the UK. However; restrictions can change daily so better to check each country individually.

Spain is allowing flights from Argentina, and no-residents nor nationals can be in transit and get a connecting flight to the UK. This route seems to be the best one so far.

The UK now requires a negative PCR on arrival (see here), and the need to self-isolate in the place you’re staying for the first 10 days after you arrive, unless you’ve only visited an exempt country, territory or region.

  • Direct BA flights status
    • Next scheduled flight EZE-LHR departs on February the 2nd.

What happens to people in Argentina (or on holiday) right now?

The government says: “UK residents currently abroad do not need to return home immediately.”

They should be able to complete their holiday as planned and then travel back – going straight home from the airport. However; if flights are being culled because of lack of customers, that could mean holidaymakers are told: “Either you fly home now or you are on your own.”

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