Top 5 Travel Sites That Accept Bitcoin

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While travelling near and far, you can now pay with Bitcoin, the increasingly accepted alternative for cash or credit cards. Bitcoin is perfect for travel because of its enhanced security features. You can book your flights directly, convert Bitcoin to local currency easily and make anonymous payments without experiencing the typical hassles of cash payments.

5 Dynamic Travel Sites Accepting Bitcoin

Travellers needn’t be concerned that travel sites will be second-class or inferior in any way when paying with Bitcoin. Well-regarded travel sites that accept Bitcoin include:

1. Berkeley Travel

This London-based travel site boasts of its acceptance of Bitcoin in public travel forums based on the benefits of paying for travel with a decentralized currency. The site promotes flexible pricing, so travellers can negotiate the price they pay. Among the myriad benefits of using the site is the opportunity to tour the London Theatre scene or visit European ancient civilizations. Keep in mind that Berkeley Travel is a luxury travel company.

2. Expedia

Expedia is a travel site that’s certainly well-known, respected and loved by many travellers. The site allows people to pay for their hotel bookings with Bitcoin. The site only accepts Bitcoin for hotels, but that’s of primary concern to travellers. Expedia offers concierge-level services to Gold and Silver members and a 15% discount on many tours and services.

3. Surf Air

Surf Air is the perfect travel site for using Bitcoin because it also operates differently than other airlines. It’s actually a private air travel club that allows unlimited air travel for members for a monthly fee. Frequent flyers can book as many flights as they want for business or leisure travel. More and more private airlines accept Bitcoin. The benefits of the service include highly personalized service, the freedom to arrive just before a scheduled flight and no need to pay multiple fees.

4. BTCtrip

The BTCtrip travel site actually incorporates its acceptance of Bitcoin in the company logo with the welcoming phrase, “Flying with bitcoins.” Travellers can find many cool tours and excursions including a Yoga Festival, Fashion Week and other special offers. Travel to and from favourite destinations.

5. Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic accepts Bitcoin and enables trips that are literally out of this world. Space travellers can pay for a commercial space flight on Sir Richard Branson’s SpaceShip Two system that enables space flights for tourism, research and experimentation. The suborbital flights allow anyone to take the same trip that rewarded actor William Shatner with a real trip to space in honour of his portrayal of Captain James Tiberius Kirk of Star Trek fame. Enjoy your own claim to fame as a joyrider, scientist, teacher or student.

Benefits of Digital Money

The benefits of digital currency are implied by the name — it’s digital. That means there’s no need to carry an I.D. card, cash or a wallet to access money. The distributed mechanisms of Bitcoin make theft almost impossible. Travellers can buy bitcoins online from a reliable website and enjoy an immutable, globally accessible and transparent travel experience without fear of losing their funds. Due to the recent incredible rise in bitcoin value, paying with bitcoin generates even more added value.

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