5 Of The Best Luxury Travel Destinations for 2022

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It’s not always easy to define what luxury means and the answers may vary depending on whom you ask. Here we’re presenting a list of the few most luxurious destinations to travel to in the upcoming year and we’ve chosen them based on how exclusive they are as well as based on the lavishness and overall glitz they offer.

These destinations aren’t for everyone but those who could enjoy them will provide them with a welcome and much-needed rest after a difficult time during which travel options were limited.

The Maldives

Photo by Mike Swigunski on Unsplash

The Maldives is an archipelago nation just an hour away from India’s Coast, but it’s also a slice of heaven right here on Earth. It features shallow and beautiful waters and crystal clear white sand, as well as maximum seclusion since all the beaches are private. It’s a perfect place for an indulgent and luxurious holiday.

Soneva Jani is the most luxurious and elite of all the islands in the archipelago. It’s actually a cluster of five smaller islands with villas built right on the shore. Spending a night will cost you about $12.000 but that includes the service of a Michelin 5-star chef at your disposal.

The Maldives is also known as the place to visit if you’re a scuba diver. That’s because of the visibility of the waters and amazing sea life you get to experience first hand while diving.  The best time to go diving is from May to November so make sure you make your plans accordingly if you want to see the famous hammerhead sharks and sea turtles.

Monte Carlo

Photo by Rishi Jhajharia on Unsplash

Monte Carlo, Monaco was always known as an exclusive and elite destination made for the rich and famous in particular. Most who visit Monte Carlo do so via a private jet landing from one of the nearby airports – in Nice and Marseilles.

The nearby French Riviera however is best explored via car since most of its attraction comes from winding roads that offer beautiful scenery at every turn. Make sure you apply for international driving license beforehand and you can drive yourself.

Renting a supercar is easy and convenient in Monte Carlo as long as you have the proper documents with you. A Ferrari will set you back $1300 a day, and a Rolls Royce can be rented for $3200.

If you’re in Monte Carlo at the right time, you can catch the Grand Prix, which has just resumed after being cancelled last year due to COVID-19. It’s usually set in May and that’s where the scenery and the weather are at their finest as well. Keep in mind that Cannes is also just a short drive away but that would require a second visit.

Saint Tropez

Photo by Valentin B. Kremer on Unsplash

This is the second destination of the French Riviera on our list but it’s equally important as Monte Carlo. It also has less of a reputation as being a place for the uber-wealthy only. Saint Tropez is the place for luxury shopping in France, with a whole web of shopping districts tightly woven together.

Traditional small shops host designer names such as Armani, Rodini, or Dolce and Gabbana. Saint Tropez manages to blend its exclusivity and the look and feel of a small and traditional French Riviera Village, which is in itself a different kind of glamour.

Make sure to visit Places des Lices Market on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, where you can find the best local artisan foods made by luxury local chefs. Make sure to bring your credit cards since prices are rather steep. If you’re looking for a laid-back approach to high-end travel Saint Tropez will be more to your liking than Niece or Monaco.


Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash

Macau is a recent addition to such lists but it has earned its place to be amongst the most luxurious destinations out there. It’s sometimes called the Vegas of the East but that nickname doesn’t always give it justice. Macau is an especially attractive destination if you want to experience fine dining and high-end cuisine the likes of which you can’t find anywhere else.

Macau has a rich and complicated history with a lot of Portuguese influences and that’s somewhat reflected in its food. That blend of East and west is what attracts many lovers of high-end cooking from all over the world, to the island and its numerous restaurants. There are as many as 17 Michelin five-star restaurants in Macau right next to each other.

The most famous local dish is probably pastel de nata. It’s an Iberian dish and therefore it probably came to Macau together with a mass of Portuguese immigrants that came to the country in the 1980s. Venetian Macau Resorts probably has the best one.


Ulun danu beratan temple

The beautiful volcanic islands of Bali are another recent addition to the list but one that’s already become synonymous with rich and famous. They offer a whole range of natural beauties from pristine beaches to hot springs rice paddies, and waterfalls. Keep in mind that some of Bali’s volcanoes are still active if you visit at the right time of the year.

Bali is also known for its exciting and adventurous nightlife with plenty of bars, restaurants, clubs, and rooftop parties. These events can fill out your whole trip if that’s how you plan to spend the vacation and if you’re willing to move from one high-end party to another. For those less suited to this kind of vacation, there’s also a rich spiritual life of the locals to explore and learn about.

If there’s one quick way to explain this Indonesian island – it’s a luxury getaway with a certain twist that mostly appeals to younger tourists and those who have a wild side to them. There’s no reason not to try both the high-end accommodations and the rich local bar scene at once. Most of these locations are influenced by the epidemic so make sure you do your research about their current state before you visit. There might be some other options depending on where you live.

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