Why Traveling Alone is a Great Idea

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Travelling with one or more friends or family members is significantly different from travelling alone. Travelling alone can be incredibly rewarding. It entails some challenges, but these challenges can make you stronger and teach you to be more responsible.

The more you travel alone, the more responsible you become. You can meet new people, get out of your comfort zone, learn how to deal with problems by yourself, and, most importantly, if you are an introvert, you will take a break from people and all the fuss.

If you or someone you know is considering travelling alone, staying safe is essential. Here is what you should know to protect yourself:

  • Regularly call or text your friends or family.
  • Always let people know where you are and where you are going.
  • If you use Airbnb, Couchsurfing, or otherwise plan to meet people you do not know offline, check information about them on Nuwber.

This advice will keep you safer while travelling alone. It especially must be taken into consideration if you are a woman.

Much of adult life is about compromise, finding friends, and spending time with family. One can quickly get tired of constantly being surrounded by people. Travelling alone allows you to branch off on your own for an unforgettable adventure.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of travelling alone in a little more detail so that you can decide whether this way of seeing the world fits with your values and lifestyle.

Going wherever you like

When you travel alone, you do not have to compromise on your destination.

If you want to take in all the major german post-modern art galleries or tour war memorials in sleepy french villages, you do not have to balance your interests with those of your fellow travellers.

You can indulge yourself in an experience that is custom-made for you.  

Travelling at your own pace

You do not need to worry about being called a slowcoach if you like to take your time while travelling. Nobody will tell you to slow down, hurry up, go to another place, or do anything else you might not like.

Your opinion matters. You should go at speeds that are comfortable for your body and mind.

Being more spontaneous

When you do not have to consider the needs of others, you can make decisions more quickly. You will not have to worry about others being upset if you change your plan or dramatically alter your itinerary.

Take in another site with a detour along your journey. Spend an additional night in a location you adore just because the weather is great. You do not need to discuss anything with your companions and get their approval.

Travelling alone means you can make the most of invitations or unexpected opportunities, such as unanticipated public events or spectacles that were not in travel guides. Some might consider this freedom the heart of what it means to travel and explore.

If you travel by yourself, you can follow your instincts in a way that can make your journey unique. And this can allow you to make connections you would not have made otherwise. Whether you want to read a book, run, or take a nap, you can please yourself at a whim at any time of the day or night.

Solo travel is cost-effective

Many people enjoy travelling alone because it can be far more cost-effective than travelling en masse.

If you are alone, you only have to pay for yourself, which means you will typically pay significantly less for food, travel, and accommodation.

Observing more

If you are travelling solo, the chances are good that you will spend less time talking with a companion. This may give you more opportunities to notice things going on around you. Rather than conversing with your fellow travellers, you can enjoy more quiet moments in piece listening to music or taking in the area you are travelling through.

You will notice that travelling alone is also a great way to meet interesting people, especially from backgrounds and cultures different from yours.

Talking with people you meet around the world can enrich your travelling experience and help you learn more about others, the world, and yourself.

Can have a more personal experience

The time you spend alone will offer you opportunities to have more personal experiences. There will typically be time to reflect on all you see and hear, without having any of it filtered by the opinions or viewpoints of others. It is okay to be selfish and have some moments that are all about you!

When you travel, keep a journal where you will write down what you find important. Journaling can help you collect your thoughts. Writing down your emotions can improve your observation skills and appreciation of all you do.

You can look back at it weeks, months, and years later to bring the memories back into sharp focus. Leave it to a travel journal to show you how much you have changed.

Boosting self-confidence and self-reliance

When you travel solo, you have to solve all the problems by yourself. Some may consider this a disadvantage. However, the long-term rewards of self-reliance far outweigh the temporary “disadvantage” of having to do things yourself. By the end of a solo journey, you will look back and understand that it was you who made it without any help or guidance.

Making your own decisions and overcoming challenges may seem daunting at first. You will fail. A lot. But at the end of the experience, you will still be here, and you will have learned a lot in terms of decision-making, time-management, and problem-solving skills that will not only impress other travellers but also help you take charge of your life.


There is nothing wrong with travelling with a friend or in a group, but it is worth trying solo travel once in a while. Travelling alone is an entirely different way to see the world. It can give you a great perspective on new places, other people, and yourself.

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