Discovering the Netherlands

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If you are planning your next holiday then you should seriously consider a trip to Holland. This is an incredibly beautiful, fun and charming country and also one that is very easy to reach from the UK!

Amsterdam is an obvious highlight and a must-visit, but there are many other great places to discover too. So, where should you visit on a holiday to Holland?


As mentioned, Amsterdam is a must-visit. Obviously, the nightlife here is second to none, but there is much more to it than this it is one of Europe’s prettiest cities and a great place to explore on foot or by bike.

A canal tour is also a fun experience and a way to take in all of the sights. In terms of art, culture, architecture and food, Amsterdam has it all!

The Hague

The Hague on the west coast of Holland is an often overlooked city but one that is beautiful and also an important destination as the city of peace and justice as home to the International Court of Justice.

You will find incredible architecture here, including the Gothic-style Dutch Parliament and historic streets.


Delft is another historic city in the west with canals, an old town and an incredible ancient burial site. It is a city known for its artistic highlights and is an excellent alternative to Amsterdam as it is quieter with fewer tourists.


The port city of Rotterdam in the south is a fun and lively destination with many highlights to discover. This includes the Maritime Museum, Euromast Tower and Markethal Rotterdam (a great place for foodies!).

A great way to discover Rotterdam and other highlights throughout Holland is by booking a touring holiday, which will show you all the sights and take the stress out of planning your trip.


Nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet will want to check out Giethoorn in the northeast, which is a charming village that is largely car-free.

Referred to as the Dutch Venice due to the network of canals, Giethoorn has plenty of footpaths, bridges and bike trails allowing you to get around and see the thatched houses and green areas.


Last but certainly not least you have Utrecht. Home to a dramatic 14th-century bell tower and a Gothic cathedral, Utrecht is another picturesque city with tree-lined canals and somewhere perfect for exploring on foot or by bike – there are plenty of cosy cafes and pubs to enjoy throughout!

As you can see, there are many highlights to discover throughout Holland and something for every type of visitor. Whether it is a family holiday, romantic getaway, trip with friends or a solo adventure, you will find that Holland has some of the finest European cities, each with its own distinct personality.

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