What 5 Magical Places in the Chech Republic You Should See

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Spread across Central Europe, the Czech Republic is home to wonderful national parks, fairytale-like villages and castles, and stunning cities. Whether it is a mere stop on your Eurotrip or the only destination, we suggest checking out these 5 absolutely magical places you should see.

1. Punkva Caves

Punkva Caves (source: expats.cz)

An hour’s drive north of the city of Brno, Punkva Caves is one of the most impressive natural attractions in the country. Discovered in the 20th century, Punkva is a stunning underground cave system, which people can tour via special routes and observe stalactites and stalagmites along the way.

This also includes Strazce – the longest stalactite at four meters long. The dark paths and naturally formed rocks create a magical look for people tired of the urbanistic scenery.

2. Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Do not let the name fool you; this national park is based in Prague! The park is known for its marvellous rock formations and waterfalls, perfect for nature lovers. Apart from hiking, another great way to explore Bohemian Switzerland is by going on a boat ride along the Kamenice riverbank and looking at the forests from another point of view.

And you just know that the place must be special if they filmed Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe here!

3. Ostrava

The colourful and charming city of Ostrava is another must-see in Czech. A perfect mix of rich cultural background and lively nightlife, this city is an excellent choice for people who love to explore during the day and have a little bit of fun in the evenings. We suggest visiting Dolni oblast Viktovice, an industrial heritage site offering visitations to its mining museums, shows, demonstrations, and other tours.

What is also interesting about Ostrava is that in its appearance, somehow it is the perfect combination of Czech’s neighbourly countries – Slovakia and Poland!

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4. Prague

A visit to the Czech Republic is impossible without a visit to the capital city Prague. The city that truly has it all – from stunning churches and museums to local bars and spacious squares. The skyline is interrupted by vast cathedrals looming over the busy streets. Take a stroll across the famous Charles Bridge lined with statues of Catholic statues.

It will take you to the Lesser Town, and all the way to the Prague Castle and St. Nicholas church. If you wish to do some food shopping, head to Wenceslas Square, where you will be able to buy traditional Czechish food, and if that is not enough, try any local restaurant to get to know their cuisine!

5. Česky Krumlov

Ever wanted to feel like in a fairytale? Then this town should be next on your list. Dreamy-looking Bohemian town is like a fortress protected by tall, green trees and encircled by the Vltava River. It has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for European architecture, merging together with Renaissance-era castles. If you want to spend your day relaxing, take a stroll through the city’s narrow streets, talk with the local people, and try out the authentic Czech restaurants! However, if you enjoy spending your time actively, Česky Krumlov is a great city to hike up to Mount Klet, from which you will get the most incredible panoramic views of the city and even the Alps!

Now that you have some ideas on what to visit, it is time to start with the itinerary and set your plans in motion. Do not be afraid to try out new and less popular places and have a magical holiday in the Czech!

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