Cruising Indonesia – The Best Destinations to Visit

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Let’s be honest. It is a globally shared secret that Indonesia is the most beautiful country on this Earth. Even if no one admits it, every single one of us wishes we could pack our things and move to one of its beautiful islands at this moment. Since all of us aren’t able to do exactly that, the next best thing is to embark on a luxury Indonesian cruise the first chance we get.

In addition to being the most magical country, Indonesia is also the largest archipelagic country with over 18,000 islands. But not to worry, here is a list of its most beautiful islands that you mustn’t miss on your next Indonesian cruise.



If there is a place in Indonesia where all its beauties meet, it is definitely Bali. So don’t let its overly touristy reputation fool you into thinking that it’s just another tropical place with good beaches. Bali captures and represents the true Indonesian spirit.

Get away from the crowds and enjoy the remoteness of Nyang Nyang Beach. Or get lost in the crowds in the vibrant Sukawati Art Market. Visit as many temples as you possibly can, but be sure not to miss Gunung Kawi Temple. Cool off and marvel at the majesticness of Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall or Tukad Cepung Waterfall. Or both. Dive in Padang Bai, swim in Nusa Dua Beach and walk the valleys of Ubud.

To experience Bali the right way you must adapt your daily habits to the ones of the locals and have an open mind. Anyone who has ever visited Bali knows that the world-class party scene in Bali is just the tip of this exotic iceberg.

Komodo Islands

Komodo Islands

The Komodo Islands form Indonesia’s most treasured archipelago, famous as such for many different reasons. Home to the world-famous Komodo National Park, The Komodo Islands are a must-visit on your Indonesian cruise. The Park spreads throughout 29 different sized volcanic islands, each offering something different from the others.

On the Komodos Islands, you will experience close encounters with the Jurassic-like reptile called The Komodo Dragon. But that Park houses a variety of rare animals, mammals, and birds also. Komodo National Park also sits in the centre of the Asia PacificCoral Triangle, making the Komodo Islands one of the world’s top diving locations.

You can walk on a sandbar and sunbathe on three different coloured beaches – Pink Beach, crystal clear white sand beach, and a black sand beach on Padar Island. Float in the rich and salty waters of the Ranko Cave and middle with the Bajau people on Mesa Island.

Whatever you choose to do on the islands will definitely stay with you for the rest of your life. There is a reason why the Komodo Islands were listed as one of the 7 New Wonders of Nature, and that reason cannot be explained, it can only be felt.

Moyo Island

Moyo Island

Glorified by being Princess Diana’s favourite island, Moyo Island is a little piece of land that looks like something out of a fairy tale book. It is filled with waterfalls, one of which – Mata Jitu is actually named after the famous princess.

When visiting Moyo Island you should definitely go scuba diving or at least snorkelling. The island is surrounded by beautiful and vivacious coral reefs. The coral reefs happen to be homes to multiple types of tropical fishes, multicoloured sea life, manta rays, and even sharks.  

The island is mainly untouched by humans, meaning it is mostly uninhabited. There are approximately 1000 locals living on Moyo Island today, each and everyone is very friendly with tourists and open to sharing their culture and beliefs. You should head to the jungle for a walk and a personal meet and greet with rare species of butterflies, monkeys, and baby pink wild pigs.

Although a magical experience, visiting Moyo Island is also a very humbling experience. Getting in touch with nature will also inspire you to get in touch with the nature within you i.e. it will remind you of the basic beauties of being a human being and alive at this time and age. That is why Princess Diana loved it so much.



The only place on Earth that has a red, green, and blue crater lake, Flores is a definite must-visit island on your Indonesian cruise. A dream-like island where everything seems to have a special glow.

You can set up a camp and spend the night near the lakes on Kelimutu. See the wonderful night sky and observe The Milky Way. Follow the lines of the spiderweb fields in Cancar and spend a day in Blue Stone Beach (yes it is made out of beautiful blue stones). You can visit the Hobbit Cave, trek to Wae Rebo, and watch a Caci dance.

Whatever you do, you will have great fun and a great time on Flores Island. This little exotic island will leave you with great memories to warm up your mind for years to come.

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