Top 5 Inshore Fishing Destinations in the US

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Are you a regular angler? Love to do saltwater fishing? Generally, three types of fishing are available: inshore, offshore, and nearshore. But shallows, hills, and reefs are a few best locations for saltwater fishing.

The primary difference between offshore and inshore fishing is the deepness. Inshore or bay fishing is more accessible to anglers because you don’t have to go beyond thirty meters deep. Since fishing near the coast, it doesn’t involve various deep-sea fishing activities.

However, some top locations worldwide are available to find many uncommon fishes. Many tournament anglers rated these spots as the best location for coastal fishing. Here, we will discuss the top 5 coastal fishing destinations to keep on your bucket list.

Venice, Louisiana

Venice, Louisiana, is located close to the Mississippi River Delta. It is one of the best locations for fishing, a dream place for anglers. You can catch a wide range of coastal species, including different giant fish.

But do you know the biggest source of attraction in this area? Redfish. Just place the fishing equipment on the saltwater, and you will instantly see some quick actions. Many fish species are available in Venice. But Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Grouper Snapper, etc., are highly popular.

This spot is a highly attractive location due to its land structure, which is surrounded by several reefs. If you have not yet visited the place, getting lost amid many dazed and confused channels is common. That’s why it is best to hire a charter captain for convenient fishing.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is situated on the southern coast of Florida. It is an island chain lying along the Florida Straits. Plus, this 125-mile-long arcing chain of islands is connected by 42 bridges. Both recreational and commercial fishing are everyday activities you will see throughout the year. Experience anglers use the best electric crab pot puller to get their favourite species.

Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, snook, redfish, crab, Great Barracuda, etc., are the top popular species in this location. This spot is one of the biggest hotspots for catching this larger fish. It is a good rule of thumb to reserve your tarpon charters in advance if you are a fan of catching 60lbs tarpons. During the busy period, you may not be able to catch fish in the best locations.

Are you a shallow water fan? Love to implement fly-fishing technique? Bonefish might be your favourite target. This specie is generally common in shallow water. Compared to its overall size, it is an excellent fighter. Don’t forget to visit the Atlantic Ocean for further exploration of fishing.

Charleston Harbor, South Carolina

It is another top-demanding location among recreational and professional anglers. Several beautiful sandy beaches are there to make you out of words through their natural views. More importantly, you can enjoy fishing in all-year-round in this famous city.

A huge number of anglers visit the South Carolina coast during the month of October. Fishing red drum and the big bull redfish from up and down the coast during this comfortable temperature is what you will love about it. Additionally, hard-core anglers are generally seen during May through September for those who are a fan of ultimate blue-water action.

Apart from redfish, black drum, spotted sea trout, sheepshead, and flounder are some top-popular fish in South Carolina. You can use similar lures and baits to catch these species. If you visit this beautiful fishing spot during the summer season, you can even get some giant cobia.

Pamlico Sound, North Carolina

Pamlico Sound in North Carolina, the largest sound on the East Coast, is one of the most-liked spots among dedicated anglers. That’s why people called this location a fishing gem. The calm water and smooth sailing add unparallel excitement to catching fish during half-day fishing out in the ocean.

You can find a wide range of coastal fish species in the Pamlico Sound, such as bluefish, flounder, marlin, large-sized tuna, and grey trout. Additionally, this favourite spot also has a sheer number of giant redfish. Many inshore anglers know this secret.

Redfish grow continuously due to the distinctive topography of the sound. You can take your full family to enjoy fishing in these Outer Banks. It will be a really successful water adventure.

Galveston, Texas

Can you guess where the most charming beach in Texas is? It is in Galveston, which is an exciting and entertaining attraction among anglers. The city s blessed with many gulf beaches, bay reefs, piers, jetties, and flats, allowing anglers to enjoy everything in one place.

When it comes to fishing, you can implement different types of fishing approaches. But not all places give you this versatility. Fishing enthusiasts love this special spot because it lets them wade, troll, and anchor near reefs.

Black drum, redfish, flounder, speckled trout, etc., are the most popular fish available in Galveston, Texas. It offers numerous fishing piers with an abundance of waterways, providing ample room for avid anglers. If you are new to a location, hire a local professional guide to get a good idea of fishing various types of fish species and drop-off spots.

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The calms of oceans near the coast can make your inshore fishing more enjoyable and child-friendly. But choosing the right location is essential. The delight and fun of fishing won’t be worth it if you don’t find your favourite fish species.  

We have already outlined the top 5 inshore fishing destinations that should be on your bucket list. You can go to any of them close to your location and have fun. Make sure to get a local professional guide if you are new to the place.

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