The secret to having a stress-free group holiday

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After two years of isolation away from friends and family with little-to-no chance of jetting off abroad, it is hardly surprising that group holidays are a travel trend for 2022.

Being stuck indoors with local walks as the only chance for escape has exhausted our enthusiasm for familiar surroundings, leading to increased bookings for holidays this year. These bookings also show an increase in group travel in 2022, indicating a collective desire to shake off solitary life and rekindle relationships with loved ones.

Regrouping in a new destination is a sure-fire way to solidify your connection with those special to you. Sharing in the sensory discovery of an unknown culture, from tasting unfamiliar flavours to viewing unimaginable sights, creates unforgettable memories and a bond bound to last.

However, as much as group travel is a unifying experience, it also has the potential to cause discord. Satisfying everyone’s interests and preferences in one trip is virtually impossible, so planning your holiday itinerary is guaranteed to be complicated by differences of opinion.

To avoid any tension before, during and after your trip, follow these 5 essential tips for stress-free group travel.

Nominate a leader

Let’s face it – some people are better placed than others to plan and organise, whether due to personality traits or simply because they have more time in the day.

Nominate a group leader to be responsible for research, booking the trip, and collecting the funds, and let them delegate out any important pre-travel tasks.

Book group transport

Whether you need a vehicle for the duration of your trip or just transfers to and from the airport, book your transport in advance. Not only is it logistically easier for you all to travel together, but it is often more cost-effective, especially when booked prior to the day of departure.

For example, take advantage of rail routes running to the U.K.’s major airports, many of which offer discounted group train tickets for people travelling together.

Talk about money

Many of us are uncomfortable talking about money, but it is vital when planning a group holiday. Ask everyone how much they are willing to spend, and then budget accordingly.

There is nothing more likely to cause stress and discomfort than someone feeling unable to participate in certain elements of the itinerary, or unable to go on the trip full stop.

Choose a diverse destination

Choosing a destination which is diverse means that no matter how much the group differs in terms of age, ability, and interests, there will be something for everyone. There are many domestic and global travel destinations which simultaneously offer the chance for relaxation as well as a whole host of adventure activities.

Trust the experts Struggling to design an itinerary on your own? Use a trusted travel company. With a host of established tour operators offering tailor-made trips rather than restrictive package holidays, you can take advantage of their expert knowledge of your chosen destination while still designing an itinerary that is customised to your group.

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