Finding Your Cup: Uncovering Mar del Plata’s Best Coffee Shops

After the craft beer and burger boom, Argentina is going through a period of coffee shop explosion. Besides the traditional cortado and “cafe con leche”, now shops offer what they call “cafe de especialidad”, meaning “craft” coffee with flat white, latte, macchiato and those options that are more common in other countries and big international chains like Starbucks.

Get ready to discover hidden gems tucked away on charming side streets, iconic cafes steeped in history, and innovative spaces pushing the boundaries of coffee culture in Mar del Plata.

Cafe Heraldo

This little gem served the best coffee we’ve tried in Mar del Plata. The shop is tiny, with one large table to share inside and a few outside. However; it is worth a visit or more.

It may not be the nicest coffee shop, but the liquid itself was superb.


Ficus started in an iconic and traditional house in Mart del Plata and it is now present in three locations (Villa Santa Paula, Gainza Paz and Plaza España).

With indoor and outdoor space, they offer great coffee and a good variety of breakfast and brunch.

Bon Jus

It is also located in a traditional house built in 1918. They offer healthy and keto options, as well as vegan.

We recommend their ket granola bowl and the acai one with granola, bananas, almonds, toasted coconut and honey.


A modern all-day brunch and coffee shop with a few branches. A good suggestion would be their pink latte and avocado toast. Or their salmon, rocket and cream cheese beigel.

Their savoury pancakes are a good choice as well.

Sea and Coffee

Beautiful shop in the Guemes area comprising modern and rustic decor, sea-related branding and excellent coffee.

We can recommend their iced coffee and pastries.


Interesting decoration with vintage games and TVs. Delicious beigels and toasts.

It is probably the bets one to use as a coworking space.

Baya Negra

Besides traditional brunch (e.g. avo toast) savoury croissants seem to be their speciality. In particular the black one with salmon, avocado and a poached egg.

Oso Blanco

They have a large menu including brunch, toasts, salads, beigels and even pizza. We enjoyed a lot their fruit bowl with cinnamon (it does not come with yoghurt).


Another tiny shop next to Guemes Street offering high-quality craft coffee.

Green Mug

New and tiny coffee shop offering delicious brunch, sandwiches and salads. Very tasty keto pancakes!

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