Exploring the Netherlands in Comfort: Minibus Hire Amsterdam

Let’s say you have been planning to visit a new and interesting country for a long time. Pay your attention to the Netherlands. This small, but unique place in its atmosphere will please many tourists. The Dutch capital is lovely for youth groups who come here to spend a fun weekend with friends.

To avoid getting lost among the city’s numerous streets and maximize the organization of the trip, the best choice will be to use the services of Amsterdam minibus hire. This is the ideal type of transportation for small groups of tourists. After all, once you take care of the rental arrangements, you will be provided transportation for the whole vacation.

Types of Minibuses for Group Transportation

Small-class buses, as they are officially called, are available for rent in Amsterdam from many private companies. The number of passenger seats in these types of vehicles varies from 6 to 20. But depending on the construction specifics and size they are divided into several categories:


The most compact of all minibuses. Externally they practically do not differ from large passenger station wagons. They seat 6-9 passengers and are perfect for families or mini groups. The big advantage is that the driver does not need to have a special license to drive a minivan in Holland and in the EU. The usual category “B”, which allows driving passenger cars, will do.


The mini coach hire service is worth using for groups of tourists from 8 to 20 people. These are spacious and comfortable buses, which are often used for high-speed transfers or as shuttle buses. Due to the presence of a high-quality climate system, modern multimedia technologies in the cabin, and comfortable large chairs, microbuses are preferred to hire for corporate transportation or student travel.

Transformed minibuses

These are unique models of transportation. For hiring rental companies can convert full-size minibuses into bright party buses or cozy campers. Such cars have not only a spacious interior but also a lot of extra equipment and options.

Minibus Rental With Driver: Pros and Cons

Bus hire companies in Amsterdam provide their clients with the opportunity to choose additional services. Among the most popular extras is a minibus hire with a driver. This is the most convenient combination. After all, to drive most models of minibuses you need a category “D” driver’s license. Besides, a professional driver has a lot of experience in organizing transfers and knows local routes and specific features of Dutch highways.

A comfortable journey starts with a minibus hire at Amsterdam airport. The driver will give the bus to the most favourable place on time, will help to organize a group of tourists, and will guide them in all locations.

Advantages of Minibus Hire in Amsterdam

When going on a group trip to the capital of the Netherlands, the best option is to rent a minibus and take advantage of these important benefits:

Maximum seating capacity

The number of passenger seats is a very big plus for minibus transfers. The cabin can comfortably accommodate a whole soccer team.

Universal on the road

The size of minibuses is quite compact. Unlike large clumsy tourist buses, minibuses perfectly maneuver even in narrow streets of the old city and can park anywhere.

Ensure safety

Statistically, travelling in a hired minibus is much safer than in a regular car. Due to its large size, this type of transportation is more stable on the highway. Plus it has a reinforced body structure and the most modern safety systems for the driver and all passengers.

Most comfortable

Thanks to the spacious interior and large passenger seats, which recline, in a minibus you can safely arrange a trip with overnight transfers. Passengers will have enough space to sleep and relax on the trip.

Cost less

Though at first look it may seem to you that minibus hire is expensive. But turning on elementary math, you will realize that it is much more economical than renting cars or taxis for the whole group.

Consult with the manager of the hiring company in Amsterdam and book your minibus rental at the best prices and group discounts. This way, your trip will not only be a joy but also a budget-friendly one.

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