Where Is The Best Region For A Tourist To Stay In Dubai?

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

One of the priciest resorts in the world is in Dubai. There won’t be any issues finding luxurious lodging because this area is home to the only seven-star hotel in the world. However, you must be aware of the main regions if you wish to unwind in the emirate on a tight budget.

Additionally, it’s important to select a region in accordance with your goals. If you come to the UAE to enjoy a beach vacation, consider locating as near to the shore as you can. Don’t believe that a 30-minute stroll will get you to the water. The average summer temperature in the Emirates, particularly in Dubai, is 50°C.

So where to stay when you come to Dubai? Let’s discover.

Many tourists say that it doesn’t matter where the hotel is, it is important where the metro station is. Distances in Dubai are long, taxis are costly, and the elevated train more or less covers the main attractions.

So we will not talk about all areas of Dubai – only about the most popular among tourists.

Budget areas

On opposite sides of the Dubai Creek are inexpensive tourist areas of Dubai – Bur Dubai and Deira.



Most tourists stay in this area:

1. There are low prices.

2. Excellent infrastructure. There are huge malls, hospitals and even massage centres if you want to relax. And don’t think that if you are a tourist, then you are unlikely to want to visit a massage. The atmosphere here is so relaxed that you will certainly want to relax even more in the massage parlour. Luckily, there are plenty of them in the area.

3. There is Al-Mamzar beach, which is no worse than the well-known Jumeirah. Formally, it belongs to another area but is located on the very border with Deira.

4. This region saved its oriental flavour. You can wander through the authentic markets. The most popular ones are with gold and spices. You can also ride to Bur Dubai on an Arab abra boat. With a full load of the vessel (which is 20 people), such a boat trip will cost only 1 dirham.

Bur Dubai

Grand Bur Dubai Masjid

Bur Dubai is the former centre of Dubai before it became an oil empire.

Unlike Deira, Bur Dubai is not so full of trade, but full of the main cultural and historical sights of the city – the Dubai Museum in the ancient fort, the ancient quarter of Al Bastakiya, the Sheikh’s House, etc.

Also in Bur Dubai is the current residence of the Emir of Dubai, Zabeel Palace, and the popular Textile Market.

There is also a bus station in Bur Dubai, from where you can go to neighbouring emirates. For example, in 2-3 hours you can get to the capital of the UAE – Abu Dhabi.

The main disadvantage of the Bur Dubai area is the lack of access to the sea. Some hotels offer a free shuttle service to the nearest Jumeirah Beach. Therefore, when looking for housing, pay attention to this point. You can also get to the sea by taxi, but in the UAE this service is not cheap. With a rented car in Bur Dubai, there may also be problems. Since this is an old area, there are very few parking lots, and there are a lot of cars, like everywhere else in Dubai. Therefore, it will be difficult to find a free place for your car.

Al Barsha

Ibis Hotel in Al Barsha

This is an area with almost no skyscrapers and also no beaches. Its main plus is that it is inexpensive to live here and at the same time equally close to the attractions of Downtown and the beaches of Dubai Marina.

And in Al Barsha, there is a giant Mall of Emirates. It is here that you can fulfil your crazy dream and go skiing in one of the most deserted countries in the world. After all, right in the mall is the indoor ski complex Ski Dubai.


If you come to Dubai for a couple of days, choose the popular Downtown, but be prepared for pretty high prices. And if a budget holiday is important to you, choose Deira or Bur Dubai. In Deira, the conditions are slightly worse, but there is a good beach.

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