Tips To Capture Your Next Summer Holiday

When it comes to capturing your family holiday on camera, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to get beautiful photos. Here are a few tips that will help you capture all of your holiday memories in the best way. 

Have the Right Gear

Firstly, you need to pack the right gear. Whether it be different lenses, rechargeable batteries, charging cables, camera film, or anything in between, double-check that you have it all packed. 

If you use camera film, for example, don’t assume you are going to be able to find any at your destination; rather pack too many rolls instead of running out and not being able to replace any. 

Camera Options

Depending on the type of holiday you are going on, consider packing camera options. Something like a GoPro is far better at capturing underwater photos compared to a DSLR. 

Always Have Your Camera with You

You can’t predict a photo opportunity; therefore, you should always have your camera on you and ready to go. Get a camera bag or backpack that can hold your camera, a lens or two, and some new batteries or film if you need it. 

Always remember to recharge and replace anything you use when you get back to your hotel room or wherever you are staying. This allows you to take photos anytime you want, and you won’t miss a thing. 

Create a Story

Always try to tell a story with your photos. When you look back at your holiday photos, you don’t want them to feel disjointed; not telling a story will make that happen. To avoid this, consider all your holiday highlights as plot points in a movie. 

You can’t just have those moments and make a good movie; you need all of the filler” too. Therefore, take photos of you packing, driving to the airport, all your breakfasts, your walks, and a final photo of the family on the couch in your home when you get back; this will create a detailed and memorable story of your holiday.

Quiet Times for Landscape/Scenery Photos

Depending on where you go, there are going to be very few places that most other visitors won’t know are great spots for photos. If you want landscape photos, the fewer people that are around, the better. 

Therefore, wake up very early one morning and get all your landscape and scenery photos while there are barely any people around. You get the best and clearest photos, and you won’t have to compete with dozens or even hundreds of other people trying to do the same thing.

Candid Photos

Candid photos can often be some of the best memories you capture. While posed photos can be great, the ones you take of your kids playing, your partner just sitting reading, or anything in between can be amazing. 

Also, don’t fall into the trap of not taking a photo because someone is pulling a funny face or because it isn’t the “perfect” candid photo; instead, take a few photos, which will allow you to pick out the best ones. 

Don’t Miss the Small Details

Never pass up taking photos of the small details on your journey. A beautiful shell, the “welcome” sign cities/towns have, or even just the Pina Colada you are drinking poolside; all of these are part of your holiday and capturing them can bring back great memories when you look back on the photos. 

Include Yourself 

One mistake the “photographer” of the group or family often makes is not taking enough, or any, photos of themselves. You are part of the holiday, too, and therefore, you should be part of the memories. 

Ask a local to take one of you and your family or even just take selfies; don’t get caught up in trying to photograph everything else and forget about yourself. 

Take Photos of the Friends You Make

If you go on a holiday where you need a tour guide, someone who takes you on safari, or someone who simply offers a helping hand, ask if you can photograph them. This may seem a bit awkward or uncomfortable but don’t forget that there are people who improved your experience and made your holiday better. 

There is a very good chance you won’t ever see them again, even if you go back to the same hotel or location a year later; if they made an impression on you, your family, or both, take a photo to remember them. 

Be Creative

Finally, experiment and be creative with your photos. Besides the few rules surrounding light, you can take whatever kind of photos you like. Experiment with angles, perspective, different lenses, and everything in between. 

If you are still new to photography or your camera, take a few days before you leave to practice and get to know your camera and lenses. Learning about its capabilities and restrictions will allow you to take the best photos each and every time you use it. 

Taking amazing holiday photos doesn’t have to be difficult if you remember the tips above. Not only will they help you take brilliant photos, but they will also allow you to perfectly capture all the memories you made along the way.

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