The Most Beautiful Winter Destinations in Germany: Where to go

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There’s so much to do in Germany. When putting an itinerary together, it can be hard to know exactly where to start and what to prioritise!

Sights, quality services, products and luxury are hallmarks of Germany’s tourist industry. It’s important that you prepare a budget and ensure you have the right level of funding when you travel to Germany.

Let’s the best of Germany and how to plan the ultimate German trip!

What makes Germany so popular in winter and spring?


Germany really comes into its own during the colder months. There’s no end to the number of mountains, ski resorts, and Christmas markets you’ll find during this time. There are endless numbers of villages and castles that look like they’ve been pulled straight out of a fairy tale, especially in Bavaria.

In fact, if fairy tales are your thing, you’re in luck. The city of Kassel was the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm. It’s home to several stunning parks and castles, including the beautiful Löwenburg Castle.

What are the most beautiful places to visit in Germany?

Neuschwanstein Castle

Germany is full of breathtaking spots, so it’s impossible to pin down just one location.

The region of Bavaria is particularly noteworthy. Ludwig II of Bavaria sometimes referred to as the “fairytale king” built many fantasy-like castles across the region. The most famous of these is Neuschwanstein Castle, said to be the inspiration for Disney’s iconic castle logo. It is set in the rugged landscape of the Alpine foothills, not far from the Austrian border.

The Harz Mountains in Central Germany are also stunning. Here you’ll find castles, churches, monasteries and the stunning Old Town of Quedlinburg, replete with Art Nouveau villas.

Of course, it’s a great destination for hikers and mountain bikers. There’s even a Mega Zipline located at the Rappbode Dam, perfect for those with thrill-seeking tendencies. If you’re not a hiker but still want to see the sights, the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway is a lovely alternative to experience the scenery.

Is German beer one of the world’s best beers?

It’s no secret that Germany is famous for its beers. Many modern-day beer varieties were first developed in Germany. There is even a law to protect the purity of beer called the Rheinheitsgebot, stemming from 16th Century Bavaria. As this law currently stands, the only ingredients allowed in German beer are grains, hops, water and yeast.

Try a Hefeweizen beer if you’re looking for something that tastes slightly sweet and fruity.

For something full of grainy malts and fresh hops, try altbier. This translated to “old beer”, so named because it is made using German’s historical top-fermentation method.

If you’re heading to Cologne, you’ll be able to try Kölsch. This German beer is produced using top-fermenting ale yeast and cold conditioning. It’s pale and hoppy and standards are tightly regulated, having Protected Geographical Indication from the EU.

With so many things to do, places to go and beers to drink, why not make your next holiday a German one?

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