The Best Day Trips from Prague by Train

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While exploring Prague on its own is a fun affair, there are plenty of other cities to visit that are close enough to the capital city of the Czech Republic and can be done in and out in a day’s time.

Moreover, if you like riding trains and genuinely enjoy the scenic routes from point A to point B, day trips from Prague are the perfect solution to spice up your trip! So, let’s look at the best of them!

Prague to Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

Approximately three hours after leaving Prague, you will reach the magnificent historical city of Cesky Krumlov. Settled in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, well-known for its medieval castle and other stunning establishments dating back hundreds of years.

Spend the day exploring the Old Town and the city’s Main Square. Also, make sure to tour the Cesky Krumlov Castle!

Prague to Ostrava


Prague to Ostrava train takes no more than four hours, and in no time, you can enjoy the excursions of the underground coal mines and quiet strolls along the Ostravica River.
We also mean it when we use the word quiet; Ostrava is often overlooked by tourists and generally left alone, but that is their number one mistake!

The city is very vibrant and has many charming sites, such as the New City Hall Observation Tower, allowing you the landscape of the whole city; Landek Park – Mining Museum; and Masaryk Square, where you can sit for a cup of coffee, and watch the locals.

Prague to Kutna Hora

St. Barbara’s Cathedral, Kutna Hora

Set in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, Kutna Hora is of the most beautiful historical cities in the country and is only 80 kilometres away from Prague.

A day might seem like not enough to explore Kutna Hora, but if you organize your time accordingly, there is a good chance to see the most and most important of it. For example, prioritize touring the Baroque masterpiece that is St. Barbara’s Cathedral, a historically significant fortress recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If the timing is right, you could also drive to Kacina Chateau just outside the city. Built-in the early 19th century, the castle has its own pharmacy, library, theatre, and picture gallery, which might be interesting!

Prague to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary

Completely different from any other cities mentioned, Karlovy Vary is a place of hot springs, art centres, and stunning hotels. It is considered the best health resort in the Czech Republic, famous for its laid-back vibe and chilled-out people.

However, soaking in baths and spas all day is not what Karlovy Vary is about. There are plenty of things to do, and considering you are only here for a day, hot springs will probably not end up on your to-do list, anyway. Instead, visit the Museum of Glass MOSER, with respect for the excellent craftsmanship of glassmaking, which the city is famous for!

Also, see the beauty of St. Magdalene’s church, one of the most important Baroque structures in the city, established in the 18th century to serve the Roman Catholics of the Czech Republic. Its highlights include a stunning altarpiece, a collection of various Baroque Eucharist sculptures, a Gothic statue of Madonna, and multiple pieces of religious importance.

Prague to Vienna


Yes! You can easily travel to Vienna and back in a day! If you leave early enough, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the main highlights of the city and get the main gist of what Vienna is all about. The Prague to Vienna train takes less than 5 hrs and there are many timeslots available!

However, there is still too much to see here, so you might have to choose between the most prominent monuments. Like, which is better – the Hofburg Castle, the Schonbrunn Palace, or the gorgeous Belvedere? All unique and historically significant, the castles serve royalty and the country, and now you, the dear tourist, as an opportunity to learn all there is about Austria and Vienna.

You should definitely explore St. Stephen’s Cathedral and, of course, tour one of the finest opera houses in Europe. Remember that this city is all about culture, art, and most importantly, music! So, relax and try to let in the feeling of calmness and serenity washing over you with the sounds of music.

Pack your bags and grab your itinerary – we have places to go! Remember to thoroughly enjoy Prague before setting off to look at other cities/countries. The Czech Republic is a gem of Central Europe and deserves a good look. After that, the world is your oyster. Good luck!

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