The Best Bodegones in Buenos Aires for Traditional Argentine Cuisine

What is bodegon or fonda?

Cantina“, “fonda” or “bodegón” are words used to describe those restaurants which are not sophisticated at all, but authentic and pleasant. Their focus is to serve quality food at affordable prices. They are known for serving traditional and authentic Argentinean dishes that are often passed down through generations. They normally offer homemade-style cooking with regional ingredients and they are budget-friendly establishments.

Their portions are normally generous, their staff friendly and experienced, and the decoration is arguably old-fashioned. Football shirts, theatre posters, stainless steel trays, syphons for sparkling water, linen tablecloths and napkins, vitraux, boisserie and the very traditional “penguin pitcher” are some of the classic elements of these restaurants. The latter are ceramic or porcelain penguins used to pour wine, which has become a cultural relic in Argentina.

The Best Bodegones in Buenos Aires

The following list was meticulously compiled based on numerous experiences and wise advice from Argentinean people who love food and have been in Buenos Aires for a long time. Thanks to @lachicadelbrunch whose material was essential.

For now, we are limiting the list to a picture and a few signature dishes (specialities, highlights) per “bodegón“.

La Ochavita, Mataderos

  • Oven-baked Ossobuco, served with big ham and cheese agnolotti and vegetables. Order in advance.
  • Fried empanadas filled with Vacio
  • Vacio Lasagna (to share)
  • Spinach buñuelos
  • Mixed Flan (with cream and dulce de leche)

Bodegon Nuñez

  • Pulled beef cannelloni
  • Meatballs with Filetto sauce
  • Revuelto Gramajo
  • Milanesa Gran Bodegon
  • Provoleta Bodegon
  • Banana Split

IL Vero Arturito, Abasto/Palermo

  • Chivito Parisienne
  • Ravioli filled with Bondiola (pork) with Porto wine
  • Fusilli Fierrito
  • Salmon ravioli
  • Suprema (Milanesa) Maryland

Los Bohemios, Villa Crespo

  • Mollejas with spring onion
  • Ossobuco ravioli
  • Merluza (hake) with prawns and mixed puree (pure duquesa)
  • Entraña (skirt steak) with patatas bravas
  • Belgian chocolate mousse with white chocolate

Cantina Palermo

  • Matambre a la fugazzeta (with melted cheese)
  • Mollejas with cream and potatoes
  • Milanesa Napolitana
  • Fussili with melted Roquefort cheese
  • Copa Palermo (filled with chocolate mousse and topped with Sambayon)

Bodegon de las Abuelas (El Pasaje), Villa Crespo

Known as “Bodegon de las Abuelas”, due to the owners, chefs and waitresses who are two kind grandmothers.

  • Tortilla de papa filled with chicken milanesa
  • Oven-baked Vacio (beef cut) with potatoes
  • Matambre tiernizado relleno (filled) with puree
  • Budin de pan with chocolate chips

Resto Chacabuco, Monserrat

  • Beef loin (lomo) Bocconcino with mustard sauce
  • Olives filled with cheese and topped with breadcrumbs (a la Milanesa)
  • Spanish tortilla
  • Spinach ravioli

El Corralon, Balvanera

The last place where Rodrigo El Potro had dinner.

  • Entraña (skirt steak), which they cut with a spoon
  • Black ravioli filled with salmon topped with prawn sauce
  • Provolate de la casa
  • Pancake with rum

El Boliche de Nico, Villa Urquiza

  • Costillar al asador
  • Matambre a la pizza
  • Filled provoleta

Don Ignacio, Almagro

  • Specialty: Milanesas. They have 35 different flavours.
    • Don Ignacio (ham, mozzarella, onion and 2 fried eggs)
    • Cubana (bacon and plum)

Doña Cocina Tipo Casa, Almagro

  • Cappelletti with “estofado” (beef stew)
  • Mozzarella en carroza with filetto sauce
  • Fussili al fierrito
  • Ham and cheese sorrentinos with “Principe de Napoli” sauce

El Ferroviario Parrilla, Liniers

One of the best parrillas in Buenos Aires. Huge portions to share.

Bar El Federal, San Telmo

Bar El Federal is one of the oldest and most iconic bars/restaurants in Buenos Aires. Inaugurated in 1864 and declared a “Site of Cultural Interest”

  • Pavita en escabeche
  • Picadas
  • Spanish tortilla

El Obrero, La Boca

  • Spinach ravioli
  • Matambre a la Portuguesa
  • Asado and entraña

Pippo, Centro

  • Vermicellis tuco y pesto
  • Sorrentinos de jamón y muzzarella con estofado de carne (beef stew)
  • Bife de chorizo

Turf Parrilla, Boedo

  • Filled Cabutia (pumpkin)
  • Milanesa Napolitana (to be cut with a spoon)
  • Tira de Asado

Bodegon La Pipeta, Centro

  • Entraña
  • Pork “Matambre”
  • Rabas a la Romana (fried calamari)
  • Caramelised pancake with dulce de leche

Lo de Lucas, Escobar

Huge portions to share.

  • Milanesa Lo de Lucas: aubergine, cheddar, crispy bacon, barbecue sauce, fried eggs and french fries (see picture above)
  • Mozzarella sticks

Jazmin Parrilla, Flores

  • Spanish tortilla filled with ham, cheese and milanesa
  • 4 cheese Milanesa
  • Asado (mixed grilled meat)
  • Oreo bomb with cream and dulce de leche (dessert)

Bodegon La Popular, Banfield

  • Bife de chorizo “a lo pobre”
  • 4 cheese Malfatti
  • Bondiola de cerdo a la mostaza y miel con papas rústicas

Los Orientales, Almagro

  • Milanesa Montevideo: Parma ham, rocket, Parmesan cheese, mozzarella french fries (see picture above)
  • Budin de pan (huge)

Albamonte Ristorante, Chacarita

  • Mongongo a la Española
  • Kidneys “a la provenzal”
  • Beef loin with potatoes and cream and Sherry wine sauce

Cantina Chichilo, La Paternal

Maradona used to go a lot.

  • Ham and cheese Sorrentinos with scarparo sauce
  • Milanes Napolitana
  • Fussili with chorizo “a la pomarola” sauce

La Gran Taberna, Congreso

  • Cazuela de Mariscos (seafood casserole) (with as much seafood as you can imagine)
  • Mondongo “a la Española”

Manolo, San Telmo

  • Sirloin steak (bife de chorizo) with black pepper sauce accompanied by “milhojas de papa” (multi-layered potatoes with cream)
  • Pamplona (grilled stuffed meat from Uruguay) wrapped in bacon with grilled sweet potatoes

La Cocina de Batatas, Floresta

  • Milanesa tower (3 layers of milanesa, ham, cheese and other toppings)
  • Slow over-cooked beef with potatoes. They are called “El Rey de la carne al horno”

Rotiseria Restaurante Miramar, Constitución

  • Perla Negra (black ravioli filled with salmon)
  • Spinach and chicken panzotti
  • Ranas (frogs) provenzal

Restaurante Roque, Boedo

  • Locro (see picture above). It could be available only for Independence Day
  • Beef loin(lomo) and “provoleta alfajor”: 5 layers of beef and provelta

Vicente Resto, Belgrano

  • Sweet potatoes risotto
  • Fussili scarparo
  • Filled gnocchi

Spiagge di Napoli, Almagro

  • Spinach ravioli filled with ricotta, ham, cheese and almonds
  • Lasagna Bolognese
  • Fussili al Fierrito with mixed sauce (tuco y pesto)

La Torca, Palermo

  • Tortilla castellana (chorizo and ham)
  • Paella Valenciana
  • Cintas negras con salsa de camarones

Bar Aleman, Devoto

  • Beef loin goulash with gnocchi
  • Beef loin “a la Marsala”
  • Copa Rio and tiramisu (dessert)

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