Sailing Gems: The Best Sailing Destinations In Thailand

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One of Asia’s finest — Thailand — has a lot to offer its tourists. Aspiring vacationers often opt to visit the country due to its culture, history, delicacies, and breathtaking ancient scenery. Aside from that, Thailand’s 1,430 treasured crystal blue islands surrounding the country primarily offer sailing-worthy spots.

To make your next trip to Thailand more worthwhile, consider visiting the country’s eye-enriching province, Junk Ceylon, also known as Phuket. The island of Phuket is a key location for chartering a yacht, alongside Krabi, Koh Lanta, Surin Island, Phi Phi, and the Similan Islands, which we will discuss thoroughly as you scroll through this article.

Before we start, here’s a travel-friendly tip: to maximize your Thailand sailing experience, most sailors advised tourists that the long months of November to March would be the most convenient time to visit the country for their travelling endeavours.

The ‘Beautiful Beach’ — Koh Samui

Welcoming you to the coast of southern Thailand is Koh Samui, which directly translates as “beautiful beach.” Being the third-largest island in the country, Koh Samui is naturally one of the most prevalent locations during yacht chartering seasons.

Some of the beaches that tourists would want to visit during their sailing experience are Chaweng, Lipa Noi, Maenam, Bophut, Lamai, and Samrong.

Koh Samui beaches offer different white-sand beaches for tourists to explore, unwind, and take pictures. Though the island may seem like a hidden paradise, you don’t need to worry as you won’t have a hard time finding three- to five-star hotels that offer the best amenities, tourist guides, and famous Thai cuisine!

A side note: You should also consider that December to March is the most convenient time for tourists to visit Koh Samui. 

One of The World’s Most Treasured — Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay, inspired by the tribes typically inhabiting the jungle areas of the country’s offshore island, is mainly considered a go-to sailing destination. It was considered a World Heritage Site in 2002, recognizing its significant ecological importance not just in Asia but across the globe.

Phang Nga Bay, with its 400 square kilometre scope, offers tourists the experience of 42 massive, picturesque green islands. You should expect countless limitless cave systems such as the Kao Phing Khan cave tunnel leading to the James Bond island, where the infamous Hollywood movie franchise shot “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

Some of the sandy beaches that await you are Natai, Thai Mueang, Bang Niang, Khuk Khak, and Pakarang. Aside from this, limestone cliffs are also one of the island’s proudest treasures.

The bay itself houses 40 limestone island cliffs perfect for pictures that you can fully experience when you include Phang Nga Bay in your itinerary. Ideally, consider the months of October to April to make your sailing trips hassle-free.

The Breathtaking Krabi

The picturesque and painting-like Krabi island is about two hours southeast of the Phang Nga Bay mainland. Covered in white and blue, Krabi is the perfect spot for any social gathering or anyone who enjoys watching or diving into the sapphire blue waters.

During your sailing trips, you could also try to experience extreme water activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving, as the island has a lot of spots for you to do so.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy the mountain scenery, take pictures, or opt for picnics by the beach during your trip layovers. Two of the most famous beaches on the island are Hat Rai Le and Ao Nang. You can also explore Thai cuisine and other shops that you might want to check out for other souvenirs and necessities.

Other places to visit include Ao Nang, Railay, Phra Nang, Nopparat Thara, Klong Mua, Ton Sai, TubKaek, and the Maya Bay beach (Krabi’s best!). Remember that the Krabi is most populated between November and March, as the island experiences heavy rainfall the rest of the year.

Where the Sea Meets the Majestic — Phi Phi Islands

One of the nation’s household names when it comes to paradise is surely Phi Phi Island. It is well known for its rich colours and well-preserved marine life. The island that can be found between Phuket and the Straits of Malacca garners an average of 100 thousand visitors a year, massively affecting Thailand’s tourism.

Although a tsunami in the early 2000s damaged the island, it recovered. Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don, two of the biggest of the Phi Phi islands, are the most infamous spots for yacht charter guests. When visiting these islands, we recommend you opt for a day trip to witness the coral blue and white hues that you’ll surely never forget.

To get the most out of your cruise, visit the island between November and April when there is less chance of rain. With this weather, you can also spend time snorkelling or swimming in Phi Phi’s very own Maya Bay!

Superb Surin and Similan Islands

Thailand’s Surin and Similan are among the best locations for divers to visit if they’re seeking top-tier dive sites. Simultaneously, due to its rich surroundings and crystal-clear azure waters, cruising is one of the things that tourists would opt to experience.

Located in the northwest of Phuket, the nine islands house world-class coral reefs and a staggering variety of fish species. 

Exciting underwater exploration and adventures await you, first, in Surin Island where Koh Surin National Marine Park is located and the Richelieu Rock could be found, numerous marine life and sight-seeing spots are all for vacationers to utilize. 

The Similan Islands National Park, which consists of 11 islands, is one of the most well-known diving destinations for both locals and tourists. Remember that the best months for diving are from November to April.

Ultimately, Phuket Island

Saving the best for last: Phuket! Due to the abundance of accessible yachts and the breathtaking views to visit, Phuket is regarded as Thailand’s core region for yacht hire and exploration.

Cruise tourists can get a rare chance to be in Phuket’s clear waters through activities that include taking tours of Buddhist temples and historical sites, enjoying the island’s beautiful beaches, and taking in the mood and ambience of a calming waterfront bar.

Simultaneously, an exciting combination of island hopping in marine reserves and exhilarating open-water passages in the Andaman Sea may be enjoyed when cruising Phuket’s waterways. Phuket is a boater’s paradise, to put it simply.

On the water, you can explore 32 islands nearby and enjoy Phuket’s very own, such as Freedom, Karon Noi, Mai Khao, Bang Tao, Ya Nui, Kata Noi, Banana, and Nai Thon Beaches. Lastly, you can also keep in mind that November and April are the best months to fully maximize your Phuket Island experience.

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