Planning Travel With Kids: Things To Consider When Choosing A Hotel

Every trip brings positive emotions and enjoyable experiences. However, in order to truly enjoy your vacation, you should choose your hotel carefully beforehand. For families travelling with young children, it’s a must to pay special attention not only to the choice of a comfortable resort but also to other components.

Make sure that both the destination and the accommodation are right for children and adults as well. We have put together some useful tips to help you choose the best place for a comfortable family holiday.

When picking a place for holiday accommodation, parents should consider the requirements of their child. Since all children are different, they may need different accommodations too. We suggest considering the main factors that should influence the choice of a family room.


First of all, find out exactly how far the hotel lies from the airport. Take care of transport so that your child can get around comfortably after the flight. Another important thing to consider is whether the hotel is located in the centre of town or in a park area, and how far it lies from the motorway, shops, discos and other noisy places.

In case the resort is by the sea, find out the distance from the shoreline. Avoid hotels in the city centre as they can be too noisy for a family vacation.

When vacationing in hot countries, outdoor furniture can get very hot and unsafe for children. It is therefore essential to choose a hotel with appropriate outdoor furniture. Teak wood furniture is said to be more resilient, protected against temperature changes and will not break as it meets all standards. The material used to make teak wood furniture is environmentally friendly, recyclable and contains no hazardous elements.

Hotel area

Having a spacious green area with gazebos and lawns in the shade is a big advantage when spending a vacation with a child.

In the sweltering heat, you can stroll around under the trees, breathing in the fresh air or putting your baby to sleep in his stroller in the shade.

Look carefully at the photos of the hotel on the website and check out reviews of other families who have stayed there before.

Child-friendly infrastructure

This category includes an on-site playground, toddler pool, mini-club, children’s animation, babysitting services and, for older children, hobby clubs, evening discos and cinemas.

The playground should be safe for the little ones and be located in a shady place or under a roof to avoid sunstroke while playing.

Hotels with children’s infrastructure can sometimes even offer their own water park or zoo, which is undoubtedly a big bonus.

Catering for children at a hotel

Hotels often claim to provide children’s meals in their list of services. Always ask what is included in the children’s menu, as it is not necessarily the case that the food on the children’s table meets our requirements and our expectations of its wholesomeness.

In some resorts, individual child-friendly menus may be available for free or at an additional cost.

Do not hesitate to ask for these details beforehand, as the subject of baby food is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to spending a holiday together with kids.

Medical care

Unexpected incidents can happen at any time and you need to be sure that if there is a health problem, your child will receive the best possible care.

Make sure to check whether the hotel has a doctor on site or at least a health centre or clinic close to the place you are staying in.

Using these tips, choosing a hotel for holidays with children will not be a problem, as you’ll already know the things to look out for.

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