Places To Visit By Train In England – An Ultimate Guide

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Touring England by train can be a marvellous and unforgettable experience if you know where to go and what to do! There are some fantastic sites along the way of many various routes, and if you have an itinerary prepared, you will hit all the right spots.

So, let’s wait no more – check out the best places to visit in England by train!


At this point, Britain Rails can take you to any city in the UK, but you should probably start with the capital city – London. Whether this is your first stop or the ground base of the upcoming train ride, spending time in London is something every traveller should do. 

Visit the most famous sights such as the British Museum, the Westminster Abbey, or the Buckingham Palace. However, if this is a shortstop, we suggest you pick one or two things to see, then spend some time strolling around and simply inhaling the English culture! 

Keep in mind that London has an extremely well-developed railway system, so you can easily reach, let’s say, Scotland by taking the London to Edinburgh train!


Jump on a two-hour train from London to Liverpool, and spend time exploring this colourful city! 

For every sports lover, visiting the Anfield Stadium will be a dream coming true, as it is not only a grand stadium but also a heritage of some of the greatest players from the past. The ground is brimming with history and great stories of the old times, so try to catch a game and soak up its intensity! 

If you are looking for some sites on the elder side, stop by the Liverpool Cathedral. It is the perfect mixture of modern-day feel and ancient architecture. While extremely young, finished in the 1970s, Liverpool Cathedral is still one of the most magnificent sites in the city, and it looks quite older than it actually is! 


Catch a quick train from Liverpool, and you will reach Manchester in no time! The city is quite a bit crazier than the previous ones. With a dramatic history of sports fans, music festivals, and young people, Manchester is the place of buzzing nightlife and friendly, laid-back Brits. 

If this is your thing, we suggest you leave all the fatigue behind and get your feet moving to the Warehouse Project – a series of clubbing and celebrations with the funniest, craziest people ever! Loud music, great performers, and chatty attendants guarantee a great time! 

Visit Manchester’s best record stores if you get a bit tired of the festivities and looking to chill. Any musician you are looking for – the store will have the record waiting for you.

The best places for you to find your groove include Vinyl Exchange, Eastern Bloc, and Picadilly Records.


The perfect example of how well natural scenery can work with old-school architecture and modern-day style is the city of Leeds in the County of Yorkshire. There are many great sites for you to visit and explore, but here are our top suggestions!

If you are looking for a calm afternoon, maybe chatting with the locals and admiring the greenery, you should visit the Roundhay Park, where people tend to get together to have a picnic, lay in the sun, or just jog for a bit. 

If that, however, is not your thing, you should take a trip to the Kirkstall Abbey and inspect its ruins. This 900-year-old abbey is widely-known for both architecture and the wildlife surrounding it! Learn about the old ways of the monks while admiring the scenic landscapes around you. 

Finally, you can always go for period art and bird-watching at the Harewood House, a lovely 18th-century palace full of some of the finest art collections in Britain! 

Use this mini-itinerary while planning your visit to England by train, and you will have plenty to tell by the end of it. Remember to get your tickets beforehand and follow the schedule so that no great site is missed!

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