How to pack for a walking holiday

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Walking holidays offer an ideal way to see and experience a different place. Rather than having to commit to one resort, a hiking break allows you to take in some stunning landscapes across your chosen location.

And you don’t need to confine yourself to a staycation either – take advantage of walking holidays in Europe that provide the opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and see some spectacular sights from a different point of view.

You could also get the chance to walk with a bunch of like-minded people, sharing your stories and experiences along the way.

But, if you’re new to this type of holiday, what should you pack to ensure you’re fully prepared?


The first item you’ll need to source is a rucksack that’s suitable for all your equipment. It should be comfortable to wear and large enough for your trip. The longer your holiday, the bigger the rucksack you’ll need. If you’re away for a few days or more, you’ll likely need a bag of 50 litres or above.

Make sure it has compartments for clothing, water, food and other essentials.

Walking boots

Quality, sturdy walking boots are important. It’s wise to break them in before embarking on your trip to ensure they’re comfortable. Depending on the terrain you’ll be walking on, consider boots with good ankle support as opposed to trainer-style footwear.

First aid kit

It’s always worth carrying a well-stocked first aid kit for travel in case of any emergencies. Include items such as plasters, bandages, antiseptic cream, medicines and tweezers.


The clothing you’ll need to pack will depend on your travel location, the weather and your activity level. Lightweight and breathable options including base layers and outerwear are recommended as they take up less room and will keep you comfortable even during intense hikes or high temperatures.

Food and water

Staying hydrated is important, so be sure to carry a large water bottle that can be refilled at stations along the way. Take a variety of pre-packed high-energy snacks that won’t spoil and that don’t need any preparation.

Depending on the nature of your holiday, you might also have to carry cooking equipment and meals so take this into account when packing for your trip.

Sleeping equipment

If your walking holiday involves camping, you’ll need to take your sleeping equipment with you. This could include a tent, sleeping bag, mat and a torch.

While it can be more challenging to pack for a walking holiday, a little extra advanced preparation can make the process smoother. And once you’re strolling over dramatic coastlines or through the expansive countryside, you’ll soon realise the benefits of walking in the outdoors far outweigh the stress of packing.

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