How to Make Popcorn in 5 Minutes at Home

The perfect and simplest homemade popcorn

Given the lack of travel due to the global pandemic and our successful last two posts about cooking (Mushroom, Truffle Oil and Parmesan Risotto, How to make the simplest and smoothest homemade Hummus), we now present our recipe for the perfect and easiest homemade popcorn.

It’s so easy and cheap that it is not worth buying neither ready nor microwave popcorn. The only ingredient you will need is corn kernels because you will probably have oil and salt (or sugar) already.

Table of Contents


Corn kernels
  • Corn kernels. The ratio is about a handful of kernels with a teaspoon of oil
  • Sunflower oil (olive or coconut are good as well)
  • Salt or sugar to taste


  1. Start by mixing the corn kernels in a bowl with the oil. Just a handful of kernels and a teaspoon of oil should be enough for a standard size bowl. Just make sure you leave enough space for the popcorn when it is ready.
  2. Add either salt or sugar, depending if you want salty or sweet popcorn, and mix again.
  3. Cover the bowl with a paper bag (suitable for microwave) or baking paper and place in the microwave.
  4. Cook for around 4 minutes at high heat, or until the popping slows to several seconds between pops.
  5. Done! Be careful with the bowl because it could be very hot. You can also sprinkle more salt or sugar to taste.

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