Four best places to visit in North America

Sponsored post. By Andrea Barnhill

The North American continent is blessed with fantastic vacation destinations. From the frozen plains of Canada to the baking New Mexico desert and from stormy Atlantic to magnificent Pacific, there are so many places to visit that it would take a lifetime just to list them all.

For those of us who want to get the best of what North America has to offer but don’t have the time to visit everywhere, here are four of the best spots to visit.


Alaska. Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

America’s last frontier, Alaska is a wild, rugged, and above all stunningly beautiful place to visit. There’s an astonishing amount to see here, from the Northern Lights and the midnight sun to exploring vast landscapes, frozen glaciers, and extraordinary fjords, and an Alaska cruise or road trip is about as exciting a vacation option as you will find.

Pacific Northwest

Seattle. Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash

One of the most varied and diverse spots in the whole of North America, the Pacific Northwest kind of has it all. In Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver it has three of the most vibrant, exciting, and downright trendy cities in the world. It boasts rainforests, mountain peaks, volcanoes, redwood forests, a rugged and beautiful coastline, fjords, and glaciers.

You could spend months exploring the dramatic scenery, remarkable wildlife, and superb urban centres in the Pacific Northwest, and still have only scratched the surface. 


Miami. Photo by Ashley Satanosky on Unsplash

The Florida peninsula has a fascinating history, fought over throughout the centuries by the British, Spanish, Seminole Native Americans, and the United States. It is a remarkable cultural melting pot in a geographically extraordinary region, which combines to make Florida one of the most bizarre, beautiful, and best places to visit in North America.

Whether you head for the thrills of the Orlando theme parks, the tranquillity of North Florida’s hot springs, the glitz and glamour of the Miami coastline, or the natural beauty of the Everglades and the Florida Keys, this astounding state always has a surprise up its sleeve.

New England

Martha’s Vineyard. Photo by Hazal Ozturk on Unsplash

The genteel beauty of New England attracts visitors from around the country to its traditional, laid-back charm. The delightful Atlantic coastline makes spots like Nantucket, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and the Montauks immensely popular summer getaways.

The region is steeped in American history, too, and any visit to New England must include a pilgrimage to some of the famous sites where the United States were conceived of and fought for! The combination of elegance, charm, natural beauty and rich history make New England a glorious vacation destination..

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