Best City Breaks for you and your Dog

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It can be hard to leave your dog behind when you go on holiday, but your next staycation can be planned with your dog in mind. In the UK, there are plenty of dog-friendly towns and cities to visit.

Where to go

Luxury pet brand Lords and Labradors has recently conducted some research into the most dog-friendly cities in the UK. They looked at factors such as how many dog-friendly cafes and restaurants a city had, as well as how many green spaces and dog-friendly vets there were.

These were the cities that dominated the top of the list:


London tops the list, given a percentage score of 99% for dog-friendliness. With no end of parks and green spaces, it makes sense that the capital would score highly for its ability to cater to dogs.

The public transport system in London welcomes dogs, with tubes, trains and buses all available to them.


York takes second place, with a percentage score of 87%. This northern hub is fun for humans and canines alike, with fascinating medieval and Viking history evident in its architecture. The city has 45 dog-friendly cafes and restaurants as well as 124 pet shops.

And if you’re looking for green walking spaces, look no further than Rowntree Park or the River Ouse.


This is followed by Glasgow, with a percentage score of 86%. Glasgow has over 90 parks and green spaces where you can take your dog.

It’s a friendly, artsy city in Scotland with lots to discover.


Manchester is close on its heels, at 85%. In this city, you can take your dog to the likes of Dove Stone Reservoir and Whitworth Park.

It’s easy to get around on the city’s tram service with your dog, as long as your dog is well-behaved and is kept on a lead.

How to prepare

Going on holiday with your dog involves an extra layer of preparation; that much is true. You may be wondering what the most important items of preparation are.

Firstly, don’t forget to take your dog’s bed, be it a large or small one. Dogs sometimes find it a little bit strange sleeping away from home, but their familiar bed will help them settle in quicker.

Johanna Buitelaar Warden, Founder of Lords and Labrodors suggests a few other ways you can make your pooch feel at home when away from home:

“Alongside ensuring you pack plenty of treats, toys and other items of comfort and familiarity… starting work on basic training cues and ensuring your dog is traffic-savvy is key”

Remember to pack essentials, but don’t underestimate the importance of teaching your dogs basic commands like “Wait” and “Leave”. This means it’ll be easier to make sure your dog only crosses the road when it’s safe and that you’ll be able to prevent them from swallowing any unsafe objects. If you’re looking for a structured way to do this before your holiday, consider taking your canine to a dog training class.

Holidaying with dogs doesn’t have to be a hassle. It can actually be a lot of fun. Pick a dog-friendly location for your city break and don’t forget that preparation is key!

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