All the Perks you can expect from a Motorhome road trip

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With the rising popularity of the road trip comes the motorhome. A comfortable and convenient way to travel for longer periods of time, travellers can’t get enough of their home on wheels! And with advances in technology, you can live in supreme comfort on the road.

The best thing about a motorhome are the opportunities that they afford. No longer restricted by train routes and bus timetables, you are at liberty to discover a country exactly how you like. So, without further ado, here are some of the reasons why a motorhome should be on your wish list.

Complete freedom

Forget a tightly coordinated schedule and embrace your destination to the full. With a motorhome, you can plan your own route, go off-road and most importantly, be spontaneous.

If you discover an unexpected slice of paradise, you are completely at leisure to stay as long as you want before moving on. The same applies the other way around. If you decide you don’t like somewhere, there are no restrictions keeping you there. Just throw yourselves into the motorhome and away you go!

Save money

Whilst buying a motorhome may feel expensive in the short term, you’ll soon reap the financial benefits. Without having to pay for accommodation, food and travel tickets, you’ll soon realise that your purse is fuller having saved on all the expensive things you would normally have to shell out for.

You’ll also find that you eat out less too. With a kitchen on wheels, you can rustle up a delicious meal anywhere. What’s more, you don’t have the burden of constantly thinking ahead and making packed lunches whenever you go out for the day. With a motorhome, it has never been easier to eat well and on a budget.

And whilst you will enjoy saving a lot of money it’s important not to skimp on the important things. Comprehensive motorhome insurance will give you peace of mind should anything go wrong along the way. You should also think about investing in some quality sleeping bags should it get cold at night, and extra trappings like fairy lights and cosy throws to make your van really cosy.

Explore more than one destination

Forget spending your whole holiday at a tourist hotspot and navigating your way around crowds of people. With a motorhome, you can enjoy peace and quiet on holiday; sometimes you might even have an entire destination or landmark to yourselves!

You also have the freedom to explore a destination in all kinds of ways. Drive to a viewpoint for sunrise, cook yourself some supper on the beach or spend a night next to the ocean without a single neighbour, the waves accompanying you to a wonderful night’s sleep.

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