5 Best Things To Do On Nantucket With Friends

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Nantucket, Massachusetts, is one of the perfect destinations for a fun and memorable vacation with friends. It is not as rowdy as Las Vegas or overwhelming as other popular buddy getaway spots. But this small island has it all. You can party, or relax on its amazing beaches, explore the untouched wilderness, admire the postcard-worthy coastal scenery and historic buildings, enjoy watersports, and eat some fantastic seafood there.

Thanks to this island’s thriving short-term rental business, you can find the perfect house or mansion for your stay. There are rental properties with 3-4 and up to 12 rooms, with pools and other amenities enough to accommodate all of your friends comfortably and at a reasonable price.

Once you have bought those ferry or plane tickets and booked the perfect accommodations, you can start your Nantucket adventure.

Here are some of the best things to do when vacationing in Nantucket with your best friends.

Spend a day at Jetties Beach

Jetties Beach is located on the island’s north coast on the shore of the Nantucket Sound. It is at a 10-minute walking distance from town and has shallow, warm, and calm waters with many sandbars, perfect for those who like to float and relax in the water.

The beach is called Jetties after the large rock jetties from 1911, which guide the ships and boats into the Harbor of the island.

It has a nearby playground, a pavilion, restrooms, volleyball nets, and even a tennis court and volleyball nets.

Best of all, you and your friends can sip on a chilled Harbor Breeze or Summertime Frose cocktail and enjoy some fresh and delicious lobster rolls, raw or grilled oysters, and other delicacies right on the sand at the Sandbar Jetties Beach and Restaurant.

The beach is a perfect spot to gaze at the yachts and boats arriving and leaving the island and for strolls and treasure hunting for exotic seashells and sea glass.

Enjoy live music and drinks at Cisco Brewers

Cisco Brewers is more than just a brewery. In fact, it combines a brewery, a spirit distillery, and a vineyard all at once. It is also known as one of Nantucket’s leading party centres and gathering places.

You and your friends can embark on one of the many tours and tastings of the different types of beverages. Or you can enjoy your favourite drinks and the best local concoctions at one of the many outdoor tables in the large beer garden.

Some of the local beers to taste include the award-winning Whale’s Tale Pale Ale, the Grey Lady Wheat Ale, and the Gripah IPA. Or, opt for the local Cranberry or Blueberry vodkas and the unique mixed drinks made by Cisco Brewers’ friendly bartenders.

Join the Sunset Sail

You and your friends can experience the stunning sunset right from the deck of the Endeavor sailboat in the waters of the Nantucket Sound by joining the Sunset Sail tour.

It is only about an hour and a half long but will take you on a cruise around the Harbor and the Brant Point Lighthouse while the experienced Captain Jim tells you some incredible sailing stories. You can watch the sun setting over the ocean waters while enjoying a favourite beverage on board the boat.

If you are planning on celebrating a birthday, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or another special event with your buddies, you may opt for booking the sailboat for a private charter.

Experience the delight of Nantucket’s top restaurants

Nantucket may be located 30 miles from mainland Massachusetts, but this small island has become one of the leading culinary centres of the east coast.

There are some amazing, award-winning fine dining restaurants there, offering the best seafood and other elevated dishes and impeccable service.

Remember to book a table well ahead of time if you plan on celebrating an event or eating out with your friends at one of these popular exclusive eateries.

The SeaGrille offers its signature and award-winning Quahog Clam Chowder among the other gourmet dishes on its exclusive menu.

You can spend a wonderful evening at the nautical-inspired Nautilus restaurant, where you and your buddies can enjoy some of the best local seafood and produce made into elevated Mediterranean and Asian dishes, such as Hawaiian Tuna Poke or Blue Crab Fried Rice.

If you are planning a special event, you can book a table at the Straight Wharf restaurant, one of the local culinary pillars.

All of the elevated dishes are prepared with the best seasonal local vegetable, fruits, and produce and the best and freshest catch of the day. Some of the best dishes to order include the Spice Crusted Sustainable Catch, the Iced Oysters, or the Day Boat Scallops.

Then you can drink some of the best-handcrafted cocktails or local craft beers at the restaurant’s famous bar.

Explore Sconset Bluff Walk and see the lighthouse

This mile-long walk has been widely recognized as one of the most beautiful walking paths in the country.

It passes through the quaint historic village of Siasconset and reaches the beach of the same name and the iconic Sankaty Head Lighthouse on the east coast.

The walking path passes by the bluffs and offers mesmerizing ocean views. You will also pass by some of the most famous rose-covered shingle-style summer cottages and their perfectly manicured gardens when walking down the walkway.

Siasconset Beach is a wide and sandy beach and is excellent for picnics and lounging.

Don’t forget to visit the historic red and white striped Sankaty Head Lighthouse to take some incredible vacation photos with your best friends.

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