• Switzerland
  • Zurich’s Coolest Summer Spots

    Swimming in the Limmat River

    Zurich has always been considered a financial city, or a point of departure for idyllic day tours to the mountains. Since few years, Zurich has become a completely different city, full of cool spots. A city that now also gets the attraction of the hip young-ish crowd. We have been there in July and experienced […]

  • Tunisia
  • Best Traditional Food in Tunisia


    I was gladly surprised by Tunisian cuisine. A good and tasty variety of flavours, combining Mediterranean (mostly French but also Italian) and North African culinary traditions. This fusion and diversity come from the many civilisations which have ruled the land: Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Spanish, Turkish, Italians, French, and the native Punics-Berber people [Wikipedia]. You will […]

  • Austria
  • Best of Salzburg

    Salzburg (Source: destinolandia.com)

    I am in love with Austria and Salzburg is my favourite city. I consider it is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. With a privileged location, surrounded by mountains and lakes, Salzburg is a beautiful and cosy town full of charm. What does this city have that makes it so special? Location Salzburg is […]

  • France
  • Most Traditional Easter Celebrations in Europe

    Pisanki eggs

    Easter is one of the most important festivities for Christians. Easter is a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. As per the new testament, this occurred on the third day after his crucifixion by the Romans. Nowadays, it is good Friday where Christians commemorate Jesus’s crucifixion and dead and on Sunday where […]